Compassion, Fiery Dragon, and Thorn

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Once upon a time there was a fiery dragon with a thorn on his heart. The thorn was hurting so much that he wouldn’t let anyone near him. When anyone attempted to come nearby, the dragon will breathe out fire and the people would be afraid to come near him and think that the dragon was a nasty being. The dragon felt lonely, not understood, not cared for or loved, continue to pity himself with his wound. At the end, the dragon died lonely and everyone thought that he was a nasty being and he died lonely because of that. No one will ever know that he had a thorn that was hurting him so much…

We all have this story. We all have the thorn and the fire breath. We all have a hurting dragon within. So how do you let people come and help you to get the thorn out? Or how do you as a person, who is trying to come closer, help the fiery dragon with the thorn? Each act requires a deep compassion and courage in order to pass the fear bridge with the desire to understand the each other’s story. From the perspective of the one who is trying to come close, if you have no idea about the thorn, all you see as a fiery dragon that is hurtful….If you as a dragon, don’t take a moment to connect with the pain with the thorn, all you express is your pain in the form of burning and hurtful fire. On this state of disconnectedness you cannot explain the others of your hurt, rather continue to hurt them with your burning fire and keep them at a distance.

This is a story being told and experienced for centuries. We all have the thorn and the persons we keep at a distance with our burning fire. Isn’t it time to get down and dirty with these thorns so that we can put our fire for a good use and not burn anyone else? Isn’t that time to not to be judgmental of each other when we have no idea about what thorns the dragons are carrying? How do we get pass this huge wound that is connecting us through our hurts but not through our love?

I did Tibetan Chud practice (Chud practice is used in Tibet to heal emotional wounds) this afternoon and dedicated to all that is hurting and feeling hurt by others. What I saw was a big black thorn that was hollow inside and that hole was filled with sorrow. That sorrow was the layer underneath of the anger that was sitting on the hot and heated prickly thorns. What it needed to heal was pure love. So I offered pure love as it was intended by the divine. The color of that love was vibrant fuchsia pink. The wound I observed needed apricot paste kind of nectar to heal…

After the session, I looked up the ancient, medicinal uses of apricot. Interestingly enough I found that the apricots were used for treatment of cancer and skin wounds…Both are very telling in this story. I don’t know what your wound needs to heal, nor the persons you are in tug of war war with in similar scenarios of seeking love…What I am offering here is an example and awareness for your ability to tame and heal your dragon…

May you find courage to be still when the thorn is hurting before you breathe the fire out to burn others and yourself as a result of your hurt…May you are able to connect to divine fuchsia love that fulfils the hollow space inside your thorn. May you are able to use the fire breath of your dragon in the forms of creativity through healing your thorn instead of burning others with your pain. May you are able to say goodbye to your thorn, heal your wounds and wounds of others…


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Breathalyzer and Enlightenment

Breathalyzer is a term that I used for analyzing the breath to understand consumption of substance intake. The substance that is being checked during this process is often alcohol or drug that is altering the breath’s ability to move through the body and do its function as divine intended. My suggested usage, as a coach and a yogini is to analyze the influence that is created on the breath by the subconscious thoughts and fear, and understand the impact on the body.

I have spoken about this before that the cultural and social conditioning, through thought patterns we subscribed to, and fear has major influence in our body’s ability to breathe. As a yogini I observe this in my body daily. The minute I come across an awareness of fear directed flow in my body, I can see that the heart closes, and certain areas in the body responds in the same way of shutting down and not allowing the breath to go through. The concept of enlightenment is often understood as the light comes outside in, and the new age behavior for capturing this light from outside is doing some physical yoga activities, using candles, reading bunch of spiritual content, etc. I am all for that, except the fact that the light that is sought is nowhere else other than one’s very own body. It is waiting for us to enable through our breath by releasing ourselves from the constricting thoughts, constipating emotions and disabling fears. So the way I use the word of enlightenment is in-lightenment…

Today, I am writing to create awareness on these two major concepts. One of them is to have you to understand your journey and your seeking of light. Where do you look for light? What do you think is going to in-power you so that you can in-lighten? And the second one is; which areas in your body still breath-disabled? Those areas are your guide, as the Tibetan wisdom names it, your demons to help you uncover the light.

Most of my students like me to provide example so that they understand and learn the concept better. So here is an example. I am working through fears around abundance and scarcity. As soon as I get a trigger- if you are not as present in the moment, you may get lost in the anger, fear and get near sided about the story is taking place. Our real-life experiences are scenarios that set for us to grow from, not to crate drama for usJ -I then stay present and focused to understand where I am blocking the flow of breath. Then I start to encourage the breath to flow through there. –This requires gentleness and compassion.- During this process, you will get some memories of the past activated and you will hear the experience replaying in the back of your mind, or see the images, etc. That is where the major injury in the psyche occurred. That is your opportunity to visit that moment, forgive, heal, release and come back. I call this process, travelling across time and space. If the trauma is strong, you might need a coach to guide you through it. And you need to be very patient with yourself and your body as it might take months before breath to go through the place of physical or emotional injury. (Sometimes, what we experience in our body as a blockage can be a cultural wound or a family legacy that might not even belong to your experiences but you might have been the signed up for the team to resolve that for collective consciousness…)

Here comes the prayer: May you are able to create a breath-map of your body to get intimate with how breath breathes you….May you fall in love with the uncovering process of love within you. May your process of being in-powered and in-lightened be filled with joy, compassion, curiosity, delight and fun. May you in-courage and lead others in their journey to in-lightenment.


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