Winter, spring, death and rebirth

We just experienced the week that is celebrated as Easter or as it was defined in the ancient tradition prior to being embraced by Christianity is the raising from the ashes and becoming alive again. This is often considered a miracle that happens only to the people with special abilities such as prophets. We often overlook the fact that nature does it every year and we celebrate it when nature decides to rebirth itself and rise from the dead.

Recently, it is either coming to my awareness or more books are being published about the people who are having NDEs (Near Death Experiences). They also speak about their encounter rebirth after the death. Commonality between them is the understanding and knowledge of their life journey, lessons, and choices they made during NDE. After such an experience these people often become the messenger of light, love, compassion and faith since part of their understanding during the NDE is how fear, resentment, etc. impacts one’s own life, prosperity and joy.

In the spiritualty this experience is recognized as the death of ego. And you see lots of New Age teachers declared a war towards eliminating the ego.

I rebirthed myself many times in many ways as well as assisted my clients through their journey of rising through the ashes. Most of us feel this after any kind of loss at certain level, especially after the loss of a loved one. With the knowledge I gained over the years, I can share with you that the rebirthing experience has nothing to do with the elimination of the ego. Ego is a tool that is necessary in the human psyche in order to understand one’s own boundaries as a soul in this life experience. What really dying is one’s own commitment, connection and agreement to experience one’s life through the fear-full perspective (see my Exorcism, the choice between fear and faith Blog). One realizes such a significant transformation by finding faith in its body-mind, releasing one’s agreements with fear, locating the love and kindness inside of one’s self towards everyone, especially one’s self.

You can understand now why this is called resurrection as you ended up drying out and weeding your own system, fertilizing your own soul to grow love, life, kindness and compassion in it since these seeds cannot grow in fear. Your own soil becomes too acidic for it to grow and starts destroying itself with various illnesses (see Deadly Emotions by Don Colbert).

So then, how one can give a rebirth to oneself? It requires a warrior-like awareness to understand one’s own behavioral patterns, where the fear is sliding in and contaminating the responses. It necessitate significant amount of quality time with one’s self so that one can reestablish new neural pathways to create a new, loving, kind, compassionate responses to whatever it is happening in the experience. And it requires qualities of yin, the feminine principle of nourishment, stillness, love; after all you need a time to gestate prior to the birth.

When one takes up such a journey, meditation; daily restorative, hatha, yin types of yoga practices, gentle diet, being in the nature and any kind of creative activity where one connects to one’s higher-self becomes very helpful. We often see the unsuccessful versions of rebirths around the mid-life when one avoids such intimacy with themselves and define the rebirth as new fashion styles, cars, etc. All is well, all choices are OK, and it is just that what you wish to do with your life…

With that, it is my prayer that you find the courage towards meeting your higher-self and directed by the light when rebirthing becomes your experience…

Further resources: Dying to be Me by Anita Moorjani, Proof of Heaven by Eben Alexander, MD