Winter, spring, death and rebirth

We just experienced the week that is celebrated as Easter or as it was defined in the ancient tradition prior to being embraced by Christianity is the raising from the ashes and becoming alive again. This is often considered a miracle that happens only to the people with special abilities such as prophets. We often overlook the fact that nature does it every year and we celebrate it when nature decides to rebirth itself and rise from the dead.

Recently, it is either coming to my awareness or more books are being published about the people who are having NDEs (Near Death Experiences). They also speak about their encounter rebirth after the death. Commonality between them is the understanding and knowledge of their life journey, lessons, and choices they made during NDE. After such an experience these people often become the messenger of light, love, compassion and faith since part of their understanding during the NDE is how fear, resentment, etc. impacts one’s own life, prosperity and joy.

In the spiritualty this experience is recognized as the death of ego. And you see lots of New Age teachers declared a war towards eliminating the ego.

I rebirthed myself many times in many ways as well as assisted my clients through their journey of rising through the ashes. Most of us feel this after any kind of loss at certain level, especially after the loss of a loved one. With the knowledge I gained over the years, I can share with you that the rebirthing experience has nothing to do with the elimination of the ego. Ego is a tool that is necessary in the human psyche in order to understand one’s own boundaries as a soul in this life experience. What really dying is one’s own commitment, connection and agreement to experience one’s life through the fear-full perspective (see my Exorcism, the choice between fear and faith Blog). One realizes such a significant transformation by finding faith in its body-mind, releasing one’s agreements with fear, locating the love and kindness inside of one’s self towards everyone, especially one’s self.

You can understand now why this is called resurrection as you ended up drying out and weeding your own system, fertilizing your own soul to grow love, life, kindness and compassion in it since these seeds cannot grow in fear. Your own soil becomes too acidic for it to grow and starts destroying itself with various illnesses (see Deadly Emotions by Don Colbert).

So then, how one can give a rebirth to oneself? It requires a warrior-like awareness to understand one’s own behavioral patterns, where the fear is sliding in and contaminating the responses. It necessitate significant amount of quality time with one’s self so that one can reestablish new neural pathways to create a new, loving, kind, compassionate responses to whatever it is happening in the experience. And it requires qualities of yin, the feminine principle of nourishment, stillness, love; after all you need a time to gestate prior to the birth.

When one takes up such a journey, meditation; daily restorative, hatha, yin types of yoga practices, gentle diet, being in the nature and any kind of creative activity where one connects to one’s higher-self becomes very helpful. We often see the unsuccessful versions of rebirths around the mid-life when one avoids such intimacy with themselves and define the rebirth as new fashion styles, cars, etc. All is well, all choices are OK, and it is just that what you wish to do with your life…

With that, it is my prayer that you find the courage towards meeting your higher-self and directed by the light when rebirthing becomes your experience…

Further resources: Dying to be Me by Anita Moorjani, Proof of Heaven by Eben Alexander, MD



Exorcism, the choice between fear and faith…

I never liked watching horror movies when I was a little girl and still don’t like it. I want nothing to do with the negativity, darkness or the dark forces. One of my friends gave me her book Owl Medicine early last year. I ended up reading it to find out her story of dealing with the dark forces. In fact she described herself as a carrier of light and staying away from the darkness. However in her spiritual journey she found out in a hard way that ignoring something does not make it go away. After reading her story, I realized that in order to carry the light properly I needed to understand how the darkness and negativity was working so that I won’t become vulnerable to it just by ignorance. I ordered a book that was detailing information about the dark forces and negativity and how it worked in this planet. Some sections really freaked me out and I had a hard time reading it. But I admit that I am glad that I took the courage to read it. The most important awareness I got from this book was further encouraging my understanding of our relationship to “fear” and our ability to “choose and exercise our free will”.

Years ago some wise woman told me that “you cannot have faith and fear” at the same time. You need to choose one or the other. That stuck with me. And now once again I really understood how true that was. With every choice we make we are choosing either the light or the darkness. Every action we have either based on positivity such as trust, faith, love, compassion, or fear. If you are staying present, and looking down to your actions with awareness you start to see this clearly. For example, let’s take a dynamic between your loved one and the event is about them not doing something you ask them to do. You can choose to get angry by thinking that they don’t care about you, they don’t have respect for you, they ignore you, etc… Or you can choose to say, I have no idea what is going on in their world right now, there is no reason for me to be judgmental about it and let it go. You see, in one way you are contributing to negativity based on social conditioning that says if someone behaves in this way you need to interpret that is such and such or you can come up with your new interpretation that says I have no business trying to interpret someone’s behavior, I will choose peace. It is as simple as this. There are so many social conditioning and rules that are embedded in our psyche and we live our lives based on them. But there is a very important point we forget, that these rules started to be developed with the human existence and most of them are based on flight and flight responses. There are no tribes nearby that are going to attack us or tigers running around trying to eat us. In fact we are the ones destroying everything with these outdated rules. (See my expiring needs blog).

In the end, the light, God, Divine, whatever you call the higher source, does not care about what we chose. That is the whole reason why we have “free will”. But the quality of our life and wellbeing depends on our choices. Furthermore, darkness does care about what we chose as it requires our energy in order to exist. And by being ignorant and not being present, we exercise our free will towards the choices we really would not choose if we take a moment to think it though. After all I don’t believe anyone who is reading my blogs wishes to be feeding the darkness through their life force, their breath and energy and weaken themselves by doing so…

I chose to share this awareness with you today after some pondering as every choice you make counts, little ones more than the big ones…My prayer today is for you to be able to stay present, and aware with each breath, and each choice so you can make them towards the light and your wellbeing rather than feeding something you wish to go away…The meaning of the exorcism is defined as “to free (a person, place, etc.) of evil spirits or malignant influences”. With this warrior-like awareness you clear and clean the fear from your psyche, emotional body, your tissue, your cells, your blood, your soul’s history one by one and that is the true exorcism. By clearing the fears that are running your software in the background and eating your energy alive you find true freedom, peace, harmony and wellbeing…

May you find the courage to choose light by each choice, may you develop strength in your heart to choose peace and harmony. May the light surround you, your wellbeing and your choices to support your journey towards the light.



Purging of the cells…

As many of you know I am in a purging mission at a deeper level this year. Severing lots of connections that is made by me from me to the things, organizations, relationships and all so that I can make the connections from much more loving place than the one was made with fear, desire to be busy, desire to own things etc…When one advances spiritually this sort of an act becomes necessity at some point along with a reflective time in order to see the behavioral patterns, energetic connections and their impact. Although Caroline Myss calls the mystics of our time "Mystics without Monasteries" and that is true, there still is a need of a reflective time and space in order for one’s ability to connect its own intelligence and release the fear from the driver seat.

I have deepened my daily practice last 4-5 years and allowed myself to spend quality time with myself. For someone who spent 26 years of her life in a high-speed corporate environment, this becomes a challenging act at first. I used to create meeting invites for myself on my calendar to be able to it. As time passes, and you release the fear, and acknowledge yourself as a human being, then the appreciation of one’s self becomes alive as well as acknowledgment along respect of such a reflective time…

Once you reach that place you then meet the intelligence of your cells that the scientist such as Candace Pert or Bruce Lipton is talking about. I didn’t need laboratory to meet mine luckily, neither many other mystics did. I started to meet mine as I changed the emphasis in my yoga practice from the movements itself onto the impact, which the movement was creating. I started to observe what was happening internally. Then I realized that the movements of yoga poses were creating space inside of my body, my tissue, my cells. I also became aware what was stored there. Often beliefs and emotions were creating tightness in the muscle tissue that needed to be heard, understood, sometimes negotiated around the belief itself to see if another thought can be replaced with that might enable more flow inside the body. (I named this cellular level coaching)

I also realized that the full-ness of the cells with these thoughts, beliefs and emotions were blocking the breath, the divine light into those areas as these were resonating at a much denser frequency. I called these spaces in my other blogs "un-breathable" places…If I can offer you a metaphor; it is like you cannot go to your basement, attic or any other place in your very own house, because of your fears of something being there. As your fear increases or emotional clutter grows, the space you can use in your house gets smaller and smaller; eventually you get stuck in a small room, cannot breathe and lose your connections to the rest of the house. I am feeling that somehow this is what is happening o dementia and Alzheimer patients, but this is just my thought….

When the body gets clogged, it often creates some sort of a disease to draw the attention and give us opportunity to purge. However, in the Western societies we have no value of such acts. Therefore, even the deeply spiritual beings run to the doctors, get a scan, get some pills and continue to ignore reflective behavior.

Therefore today, I am writing to create further awareness in this subject. If you feel like you have no places left to go, it might be time for you for cellular purging…If you would like to take your spiritual development and transformation to the next level, it might be time for your cellular purging. Even if you don’t care much for yourself, your desire to help others to heal can bring you there as some of these thought patterns are handed down to us from our lineage through generations, and they are not even yours. You are subscribing to them by birth. If you wish to terminate the subscription for your lineage to these unwanted delivery, it might be time for you for cellular purging…If you want to illuminate yourself from within, make the dormant places inside you become alive, engage your intelligence fully, it might be time for you for cellular purging…

Here comes the prayer, may your intelligence reside within guide you towards the well-needed and well-deserved quality time with yourself. May you are able to reach the seduction of one’s connection to one’s wisdom within. May you find the courage to dive deep within, engage the curiosity to understand all your accumulations so that the purging can start for you and your lineage.