Prana and change

I often say in my mind-body classes that "let the breath breathe you". I also use the term when someone is trying to make an impact on something "put your breath into it". To me these two concepts are very important and it is often we don’t realize or appreciate their importance.

In the Eastern Traditions there is a term used for this intelligent life-source that comes and breathes us. In Sanskrit it is called "Prana". Somehow in the Western cultures we feel entitled to our breath…We don’t put emphasis on it until it is our last one that is gifted to us, then I believe that there is an awareness of that life-source or consciousness, which we are part of.

The second thing I would like to bring awareness is the breath-ability of your body (See my blog Breathalyzer and Enlightenment). It is often thought that the enlightenment is a state of the mind. My perspective and reality as a yogini is that it is the state of the whole body-mind system. More you enable "prana" to breathe you, more you embody the light, the cosmic intelligence, the divine, whatever you call it in your system.

Recently, most of my close friends are speaking to about how they struggle to make changes in their life to create anew. I am in the middle of mine as well. Change is not always an easy one, especially when one is trying to shift the whole ground underneath, create an earthquake so the change can occur from the roots up. I recently speak about how to strategize the change on my Genco Coaching blog ( Here, I am going to speak about co-creating or enabling the change trough Prana since we are not only our mind, we have more complex system that includes physical body along with subtle bodies that enables the energetic changes through our emotions, beliefs, etc., both is needed.

So the one major thing to consider is your readiness for the change. It is often we feel frustrated that the change is not happening, yet on the other hand we have so many control mechanism that we don’t trust Prana to come and do its job. We block the energy and hold the breath. When you wish to make a change, ask yourself, if the change is at your door, (you have no idea what it is going to do but for sure it will create the new) will you open the door, will you allow it? Let me ask in the coaching language…How ready are you to embrace the change? (I often ask the % of readiness score to my clients). Once you assess that, then check in to see which part of your body is embracing the Prana and which parts are tight, not enabling breath to come through you. When you get to this level of awareness then you can invite those parts to dinner, walk, tea, whatever floats your boat to see what makes them scare of Prana! What fear system is running through you that is blocking the riverbeds of the Pranic force. Before you clear those out, you won’t get the change in the level you wish to have.

Let me give you a picture so you can see clearly the behavior. You invited a guest to your home, you are so anxious and longing to see. When they arrive, you are acting as if you don’t hear the door as you feel your home is not good enough, not ready, or some unnecessary thought like that. Or you peek out the door by crack opening and hoping that they didn’t see you while you impatiently sitting behind the door imagining how wonderful to spend time with them…Do you see the absurdity in the behavior? But we all do it. In fact, if you open the door, you know the guest will help you in every way and your guest is so powerful that they can even take the door down if they wanted to!!!

I will now leave you with that metaphor, along with my prayers…May the strength in your heart in all ways and always support you for overcoming debilitating, disabling beliefs. May you feel comfortable just following the clues and being OK with not knowing the whole picture of the change until you embody the whole of it. May you find bliss in changing and not knowing…


Further support: In the Yoga tradition, mantras often used as a sound therapy to attune and/or reenergize the specific area in the body. Ganesha mantra can be used for this purpose as you recognize breath-disabled areas. “om gan ganapataye namaha”…If you choose not to investigate what is the reason for the blockage rather you wish it to be opened up to Pranic force, use the mantra…


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Breathalyzer and Enlightenment

Breathalyzer is a term that I used for analyzing the breath to understand consumption of substance intake. The substance that is being checked during this process is often alcohol or drug that is altering the breath’s ability to move through the body and do its function as divine intended. My suggested usage, as a coach and a yogini is to analyze the influence that is created on the breath by the subconscious thoughts and fear, and understand the impact on the body.

I have spoken about this before that the cultural and social conditioning, through thought patterns we subscribed to, and fear has major influence in our body’s ability to breathe. As a yogini I observe this in my body daily. The minute I come across an awareness of fear directed flow in my body, I can see that the heart closes, and certain areas in the body responds in the same way of shutting down and not allowing the breath to go through. The concept of enlightenment is often understood as the light comes outside in, and the new age behavior for capturing this light from outside is doing some physical yoga activities, using candles, reading bunch of spiritual content, etc. I am all for that, except the fact that the light that is sought is nowhere else other than one’s very own body. It is waiting for us to enable through our breath by releasing ourselves from the constricting thoughts, constipating emotions and disabling fears. So the way I use the word of enlightenment is in-lightenment…

Today, I am writing to create awareness on these two major concepts. One of them is to have you to understand your journey and your seeking of light. Where do you look for light? What do you think is going to in-power you so that you can in-lighten? And the second one is; which areas in your body still breath-disabled? Those areas are your guide, as the Tibetan wisdom names it, your demons to help you uncover the light.

Most of my students like me to provide example so that they understand and learn the concept better. So here is an example. I am working through fears around abundance and scarcity. As soon as I get a trigger- if you are not as present in the moment, you may get lost in the anger, fear and get near sided about the story is taking place. Our real-life experiences are scenarios that set for us to grow from, not to crate drama for usJ -I then stay present and focused to understand where I am blocking the flow of breath. Then I start to encourage the breath to flow through there. –This requires gentleness and compassion.- During this process, you will get some memories of the past activated and you will hear the experience replaying in the back of your mind, or see the images, etc. That is where the major injury in the psyche occurred. That is your opportunity to visit that moment, forgive, heal, release and come back. I call this process, travelling across time and space. If the trauma is strong, you might need a coach to guide you through it. And you need to be very patient with yourself and your body as it might take months before breath to go through the place of physical or emotional injury. (Sometimes, what we experience in our body as a blockage can be a cultural wound or a family legacy that might not even belong to your experiences but you might have been the signed up for the team to resolve that for collective consciousness…)

Here comes the prayer: May you are able to create a breath-map of your body to get intimate with how breath breathes you….May you fall in love with the uncovering process of love within you. May your process of being in-powered and in-lightened be filled with joy, compassion, curiosity, delight and fun. May you in-courage and lead others in their journey to in-lightenment.


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Purging of the cells…

As many of you know I am in a purging mission at a deeper level this year. Severing lots of connections that is made by me from me to the things, organizations, relationships and all so that I can make the connections from much more loving place than the one was made with fear, desire to be busy, desire to own things etc…When one advances spiritually this sort of an act becomes necessity at some point along with a reflective time in order to see the behavioral patterns, energetic connections and their impact. Although Caroline Myss calls the mystics of our time "Mystics without Monasteries" and that is true, there still is a need of a reflective time and space in order for one’s ability to connect its own intelligence and release the fear from the driver seat.

I have deepened my daily practice last 4-5 years and allowed myself to spend quality time with myself. For someone who spent 26 years of her life in a high-speed corporate environment, this becomes a challenging act at first. I used to create meeting invites for myself on my calendar to be able to it. As time passes, and you release the fear, and acknowledge yourself as a human being, then the appreciation of one’s self becomes alive as well as acknowledgment along respect of such a reflective time…

Once you reach that place you then meet the intelligence of your cells that the scientist such as Candace Pert or Bruce Lipton is talking about. I didn’t need laboratory to meet mine luckily, neither many other mystics did. I started to meet mine as I changed the emphasis in my yoga practice from the movements itself onto the impact, which the movement was creating. I started to observe what was happening internally. Then I realized that the movements of yoga poses were creating space inside of my body, my tissue, my cells. I also became aware what was stored there. Often beliefs and emotions were creating tightness in the muscle tissue that needed to be heard, understood, sometimes negotiated around the belief itself to see if another thought can be replaced with that might enable more flow inside the body. (I named this cellular level coaching)

I also realized that the full-ness of the cells with these thoughts, beliefs and emotions were blocking the breath, the divine light into those areas as these were resonating at a much denser frequency. I called these spaces in my other blogs "un-breathable" places…If I can offer you a metaphor; it is like you cannot go to your basement, attic or any other place in your very own house, because of your fears of something being there. As your fear increases or emotional clutter grows, the space you can use in your house gets smaller and smaller; eventually you get stuck in a small room, cannot breathe and lose your connections to the rest of the house. I am feeling that somehow this is what is happening o dementia and Alzheimer patients, but this is just my thought….

When the body gets clogged, it often creates some sort of a disease to draw the attention and give us opportunity to purge. However, in the Western societies we have no value of such acts. Therefore, even the deeply spiritual beings run to the doctors, get a scan, get some pills and continue to ignore reflective behavior.

Therefore today, I am writing to create further awareness in this subject. If you feel like you have no places left to go, it might be time for you for cellular purging…If you would like to take your spiritual development and transformation to the next level, it might be time for your cellular purging. Even if you don’t care much for yourself, your desire to help others to heal can bring you there as some of these thought patterns are handed down to us from our lineage through generations, and they are not even yours. You are subscribing to them by birth. If you wish to terminate the subscription for your lineage to these unwanted delivery, it might be time for you for cellular purging…If you want to illuminate yourself from within, make the dormant places inside you become alive, engage your intelligence fully, it might be time for you for cellular purging…

Here comes the prayer, may your intelligence reside within guide you towards the well-needed and well-deserved quality time with yourself. May you are able to reach the seduction of one’s connection to one’s wisdom within. May you find the courage to dive deep within, engage the curiosity to understand all your accumulations so that the purging can start for you and your lineage.