Prana and change

I often say in my mind-body classes that "let the breath breathe you". I also use the term when someone is trying to make an impact on something "put your breath into it". To me these two concepts are very important and it is often we don’t realize or appreciate their importance.

In the Eastern Traditions there is a term used for this intelligent life-source that comes and breathes us. In Sanskrit it is called "Prana". Somehow in the Western cultures we feel entitled to our breath…We don’t put emphasis on it until it is our last one that is gifted to us, then I believe that there is an awareness of that life-source or consciousness, which we are part of.

The second thing I would like to bring awareness is the breath-ability of your body (See my blog Breathalyzer and Enlightenment). It is often thought that the enlightenment is a state of the mind. My perspective and reality as a yogini is that it is the state of the whole body-mind system. More you enable "prana" to breathe you, more you embody the light, the cosmic intelligence, the divine, whatever you call it in your system.

Recently, most of my close friends are speaking to about how they struggle to make changes in their life to create anew. I am in the middle of mine as well. Change is not always an easy one, especially when one is trying to shift the whole ground underneath, create an earthquake so the change can occur from the roots up. I recently speak about how to strategize the change on my Genco Coaching blog ( Here, I am going to speak about co-creating or enabling the change trough Prana since we are not only our mind, we have more complex system that includes physical body along with subtle bodies that enables the energetic changes through our emotions, beliefs, etc., both is needed.

So the one major thing to consider is your readiness for the change. It is often we feel frustrated that the change is not happening, yet on the other hand we have so many control mechanism that we don’t trust Prana to come and do its job. We block the energy and hold the breath. When you wish to make a change, ask yourself, if the change is at your door, (you have no idea what it is going to do but for sure it will create the new) will you open the door, will you allow it? Let me ask in the coaching language…How ready are you to embrace the change? (I often ask the % of readiness score to my clients). Once you assess that, then check in to see which part of your body is embracing the Prana and which parts are tight, not enabling breath to come through you. When you get to this level of awareness then you can invite those parts to dinner, walk, tea, whatever floats your boat to see what makes them scare of Prana! What fear system is running through you that is blocking the riverbeds of the Pranic force. Before you clear those out, you won’t get the change in the level you wish to have.

Let me give you a picture so you can see clearly the behavior. You invited a guest to your home, you are so anxious and longing to see. When they arrive, you are acting as if you don’t hear the door as you feel your home is not good enough, not ready, or some unnecessary thought like that. Or you peek out the door by crack opening and hoping that they didn’t see you while you impatiently sitting behind the door imagining how wonderful to spend time with them…Do you see the absurdity in the behavior? But we all do it. In fact, if you open the door, you know the guest will help you in every way and your guest is so powerful that they can even take the door down if they wanted to!!!

I will now leave you with that metaphor, along with my prayers…May the strength in your heart in all ways and always support you for overcoming debilitating, disabling beliefs. May you feel comfortable just following the clues and being OK with not knowing the whole picture of the change until you embody the whole of it. May you find bliss in changing and not knowing…


Further support: In the Yoga tradition, mantras often used as a sound therapy to attune and/or reenergize the specific area in the body. Ganesha mantra can be used for this purpose as you recognize breath-disabled areas. “om gan ganapataye namaha”…If you choose not to investigate what is the reason for the blockage rather you wish it to be opened up to Pranic force, use the mantra…


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Being an empath and being tangled up in others emotions

Empathy is the ability to sense and understand people. Being able to in-tune with or resonate with others, voluntarily or involuntarily of one’s empath capacity. Empaths have the ability to scan another’s psyche for thoughts and feelings or for past, present, and future life occurrences. Many empaths, including me, are unaware of how this actually works, and simply accepted that they are sensitive to others. Since this is not a gift that one is able to turn on or off, it is often that empaths express exhaustion out of this gift as they feel what is happening in their environment without any protection…Therefore you often see that empaths become skilled problem solvers regardless of solution being sought or not. The problem solving becomes the empath’s way of copping and controlling the environment so they can achieve peace and happiness in their world…

Having to be and empath myself, I learned these skills very early. I remember sitting in my loud living room, hearing heated discussions of my large Turkish family, unable interpret clearly what was going as a small child and feeling unsafe. So I began to be "happy maker" and the sweetest child I could be. I became overly helpful for anyone…I did everything I could so no one was complaining since it was very painful for me to observe people in pain or discomfort.

I did not realize I was constantly doing this until I came to a point that I was exhausted. As there is no way that we can control our environment, or how other people feel about neither anything nor anyone. I also recently became aware that when I feel someone is being negative about something or speaking negatively about someone, I am closing in my heart center so that this negativity is not coming to me or through me….

It required hardcore unlearning training for me to let go of the being the problem solver for everyone around me as well as being the "happy maker". I still get urges to say I can do … for you time to time when people share their issues. But I feel much more comfortable listening to them without feeling a passionate need to clear their path. I learned to be the space and grace for them and learned to allow them to share their experience of sadness, darkness, anger and whatever they need to experience to learn what they need to learn. I understand that it has nothing to do with neither me nor my happiness. I admit that I am not quite the master yet at not inhaling their emotions or energies. Time to time I still include their energies in my energetic space but I am in much more heightened awareness state when I am doing it.

So today, I would like to share some methods that might be helpful for those of you who are empaths, problem solvers and happy makers out there with the mission of seeking their own happiness…It seems that in our level of consciousness we are still requiring a contrast for us to learn something. Therefore it is necessary to learn the sadness, and anger in the way towards learning happiness, acceptance and compassion. At least it was the case for me anyway. Thus, I recommend that you become more allowing in your environment for these emotions, feelings and energies without a need to make them different. Engage curiosity rather than the feeling of duty or responsibility. Once you are able to release your judgment towards what is happening and release the idea that it is your responsibility to bring harmony to the situation then you will stay in your own energy space and preserve the quality of your energies. Trust me, in that state you are much helpful for the other person than otherwise as they feel ok to feel whatever they are feeling instead of sensing that it is not ok to be angry, sad, upset or freaked out whatever the situation might be. If you feel so inclined to still support the other party in addition to be accepting; then you can engage the questions such as "I am wondering if any of my assistance needed?", "what kind of support, if any, would you need in this". Also you may engage the questions towards yourself such as "what is in this situation making me uncomfortable or need to make a change?", "what is in me have a need to dance with this energy and include in my energy space?"

It is also crucial to keep your heart open during the times when "culturally" unpleasant emotions are present. What I am finding out is that this can be done with the sense of "true compassion". Compassion in its definition means that to be able to understand the others without experiencing what is happening yourself. In this case, as you open your heart to it, while you are making it ok for others to experience whatever they are experiencing you will also heal your needs about fixing the situation…

So today my prayer is this…May you are able to engage compassion at the times of observing anything that makes you uncomfortable or raises a need to change. May you are able to detach from the experience you are observing. May you are able to sustain your energy and life force at all times and not invest into the situations that are not yours to change…


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Energetic vortexes, Tiny Guru and Change

My Sweet Friend Adrienne calls me "Tiny Guru"J and my tiny body is feeling pretty tired lately. I am sure it has something to do with the very harsh winter we had here in Pennsylvania and the amount of changes I am experiencing in my life at the moment. Sometimes I wonder that what made me choose this overly sensitive, tiny body instead of a look like Helga from the Vikings cartoonJ I think that kind of body would have been an easier vessel for me to go through the things I needed to go through energetically in this life. But I guess I needed to have this sensitivity to my environment to be a skillful empath…Who knows, I will figure this out when I return back to home to heaven…

Yesterday morning, during my practice, my body-mind consciousness was providing awareness that the way I was trying to control things in my life was creating high levels of tension in my body and resulting not necessarily energetic flow that is in harmony with the universal flow. That certainly makes sense to me. I learned to control my environment when I was a little girl as I sensed the tension in my environment, I learned to control my environment with my engineering education as well as my profession as a process improvement expert. And I was carrying that wisdom in my body-mind consciousness…We often think that what we learn resides in our brain but do not realize how much it is in our cell tissue. Dr. Candace Pert and Dr. Bruce Lipton has been talking about this ancient wisdom last couple of years in the Western part of the world but it is known in the yoga tradition and Eastern traditions as the body-mind consciousness…It just takes many years to be able to hear it, at least it was in my case.

Yesterday morning’s practice revealed to me that I had so much of this controlling patterns were held with my hips. Gluteal and hamstring muscles are one of the largest in the body. It makes sense to use them when you are trying to put a break on to a machine is going with the 100 miles an hour. The fact though, the machine is going 100 miles an hour, no matter what you use to put a break on, it is going to hurt!! So that is exactly what I was experiencing, high levels of tension in my hips, legs, ankles and knees… I was also feeling this tension in the Stomach and Spleen energy meridian that runs through the second toe up towards to heart center in the front of the body. You can see that when you try to control the universal flow of creativity that is going to affect the way you move forward, way you breathe life into you, way you speak about your creativity, way you digest the new and eliminate the old…You can see that this is going to touch pretty much everything in your system since the stomach is known as the "Sea of Nourishment" in the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). It is responsible for providing the entire system with postnatal energy from the digestion of food and fluids; hence it is "The Root of Postnatal Life". Western medicine focuses only on the biochemistry of digestion and does not recognize the bio-energetic aspect of it. Governed by pivotal Earth energy, the stomach is responsible for extracting and balancing all five elemental energies from foods and fluids ingested through the mouth, which it shares with the spleen. So in a sense, whatever stomach tells spleen to, spleen makes that blood and that runs through your system. If there is a fear about what you are experiencing, your whole system will carry that in your cells, in your bones and in your blood…And that is so exhausting, whether you are a "Tiny Guru" like me or you are like "Helga"…J

As a coach I observe how exhausting it is for my clients to go against the natural flows and how much it takes away from creation and innovation in each session…I just wasn’t aware this levels of impact in my own body, until it revealed itself to me.

If you are feeling any tightness in the pit of the stomach area that is an easy indicator for you to get in touch with your body-mind consciousness and bring awareness to it. How are you getting the way of the natural flows of the universe? What would happen if you flow with them instead of trying to stop them or change their directions? Where do you hold your tension? What is the speed, which you wish to experience the change? What is the speed universe wishes for you to experience it? How much power do you think really you have against the universal flows? How much compassion can you generate towards the areas in your body that are afraid and wanting to hold on to the old?

This awareness is my gift to you today. As I still feel like I am in the middle of a vortex. One part of me in one universe and the other is not fully made the change yet. While my body is stretched long, and I feel it, I have so much compassion for all of you out there experiencing the similar…

May you find joy, ease and comfort as you align yourself with the universal flows…May you find courage to allow what the universe wants to make of you…May you enjoy the journey with ease and harmony and release the tension out of your physical and energetic body with ease…



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Purging and graduation into a new you

The spring is not here yet in where I live. We are still dancing with the snow storms, ice and cold. Therefore, it is still a time to retrieve and rest but I have desire to purge and clean out. I am going into every room in my house trying to eliminate daily. What is no longer needed and no longer reflective of me…I often challenge myself with high expectations. Despite the fact how much I do, on occasion I find them not enough and need to remind myself what is, is what needs to be…Yesterday, I shared with a dear friend that I purged a lot but still feeling uneasy with the things didn’t get done. Her words to me were, every time you let go of something, you are also letting go a piece of you. Allow yourself to adjust to that…That was a great reminder…

Today, I am inspired to speak to you about that. What is still hanging in your closets, sitting in your library shelves, in your drawers are your accumulation of things that are reflective of you. As long as you hold on to them, your message to universe is: that part of me is still current and live. If you are trying to make a change and update yourself but still holding on to the parts you have graduated from, that is a self-conflict that may need to resolve if you wish to change.

For example, it was hard for me to let go some of my professional books. I did not want to continue to get assignments with those skills yet I was holding on to them…I am not suggesting here that you dismiss that part of you. Rather you already integrated that part into your whole being. Honor that, and let go on focusing, and developing that part further. Does this make sense? By letting go on things you already graduated from enables the graduation. Do you still need your books or any other items you needed at the 1st grade? What is holding you in this space is the emotional connection. You could still cherish the memories but allow graduation to take place.

So today, if you so inspired, see what are the collaterals you are still keeping for whatever reason after the graduation. What is having you holding on to those? What new are you trying to create and what conflicting messages are you sending to universe by holding on to the outgrown…?

Here is my prayer for today: May you are able to shed light into inner-conflicts today that is holding you in the space that you wish to move from? May you find yourself at ease as you let go and celebrate your graduation…