Life Coaching Services

·         Goal Setting and Execution

o   Goal setting

o   Execution planning and strategy

·         Behavioral Change

o   Change readiness assessment

o   Change coaching

·         Mind-body Solutions

o   Mindfulness meditation

o   Guided visualizations

o   Breath work

o   Stretches

o   Exercises

o   Targeted meditation techniques for emotional resolve and releasing fear

·         Balanced Life

o   Work-life balance assessment

o   Balanced life strategy setting

o   Coaching for strategy execution

·         Coaching for Wellness

o   Overall wellness assessment

o   Strategy setting for wellbeing

o   Coaching for change towards wellness

·         Transition and Grievance Coaching

o   Emotional processing and freedom

o   Transition planning for major life events

o   Coaching for strategy execution

Special Programs:

·         Coaching for Migraines: As a migraine sufferer of 15 years, I am fully empathizing with those who are struggling to find relief from this chronic and disabling condition. My own journey towards breaking free from the headaches, made me understand the underlying emotional conditions. It is often that suppressed emotions create disharmony within the human body and tries getting attention through the headaches towards its expression and resolution. In these sessions, we will be exploring your emotional tendencies and resolving blockages towards betterment of the whole body-mind. I will include some yoga poses alongside the coaching as part of this special program.

·         Coaching for Menopause: Menopause is one of the major changes in the journey of being women. As there are very few cultures celebrate and honor the beginning of menses, even fewer celebrate women’s passage into her life of ceasing the birth cycle. In fact, in the Western Cultures menopause almost treated as a disease, and not much emotional support offered to women other than hormonal supplements. What I observed as a coach over the years that during this important transition, women often feels that they no longer worthy as they left their fertile days behind. Furthermore the emotions they have suppressed over the years start to creep in and create further pressure for them to asses and realign their life towards its fullest expression. In these sessions, I will explore your emotions with you, which has been suppressed and martyring has been done over the years. This condition often creates dislike and hatred towards one’s self and getting in between celebrating the significant milestone that is being achieved. These sessions are designed to offer support during this significant change, as well as finding a new meaning of the women’s life.

·         Soul-level Coaching/Spiritual Directorship: This program is offered to the individuals who are interested in attaining thorough understanding of their life purpose and are looking for enhancing in their spiritual pathway. The coaching sessions will explore one’s overall life purpose, life lessons, and the purpose of the existing relationships as well as their impact on one’s spiritual development. As a spiritual director, I will provide guidance for advancing one’s spirituality as well as establishing a structured practice that will fit one’s lifestyle.

·         Lifestyle Change and Enhancement towards Wellbeing: This program is offered to the individuals who are interested in making lifestyle change and or enhancements towards improvement of their health and overall wellbeing. The coaching relationship will include coaching for work-life balance, behavioral change, nutritional guidance and fitness program, stress reduction and mind-body practices.

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