Structuring your mind-body practice…


Most of you are familiar with yoga instructors are asking you to set up an intention for your practice for that session. And I know from my students that most of you take that as a routine process without putting much thought or your heart in it. Setting up an intention for your practice is a significant part of the process since during your practice you are meeting with your body-mind and your higher-self. Not having an intention is like going to a doctor or a lawyer and not explaining why you are there. In order for you to get a proper response, you need to explain the reason for your visit, even if it is just to spend quality time with your body-mind, or your soul so that you can hear the guidance coming back clearly. Otherwise you will get all bunch of information – of course you need to be quiet and listening to hear this- and will not know how to interpret it. Setting up intention creates focus and scope for the meeting.

Secondly, it is important to create a safety net around you. During any mind-body practice, our energies become very welcoming and open. Therefore it is easier for us to hear, sense or observe what is around us. This includes anything positive and negative. As I spoke above regarding to setting up an intention so you can create a focused meeting, creating safety net will allow you to hear or pick up only the messages and energies you chose to hear or observe and keep negativity or false information away. Therefore it is very important to set your boundaries clearly prior to such sessions. I will provide an example prayer that I use prior to setting up my intention. This prayer is nondenominational. If working with the Angels are not your cup of tea, you could visualize them as focused energies. Or chose something else that resonate with you, this is just an example.

Sit on easy pose (crossed legged) or hero pose (sitting on your heals) start calling upon your angels, guides, higher selves and whatever divine source is for you. Then start feeling the shifting of the energy around you. After this point you could choose the below prayer or your own:

Archangel Michael is on my right, God’s love and kindness. (Repeat is two times as you feel the energy on your right side)

Archangel Gabriel is on my left God’s strength and justice. (Repeat is two times as you feel the energy on your left side)

Archangel Raphael is in the back God’s healing and prosperity. (Repeat is two times as you feel the energy in your back, brushing against the spine)

Archangel Uriel is in the front, God’s wisdom and light. (Repeat is two times as you feel the energy in the front, especially on your 3rd eye point between your eyes)

Shakina (the divine presence) is protecting and shielding us (Repeat is two times as you feel the divine energy becoming an umbrella and covering you, surrounded by the Archangels each side)

State the whole prayer twice or as many times as you wish until you feel the connectedness to your source. Then proceed to intention setting process.

Once you finish your session, whether it is a yoga practice, meditation, whatever it is, then take another moment to close the session properly. Send your gratitude to divine source, your guides and angels, your higher-self, your body-mind for all the guidance and information you have received. Then continue with sending your prayers to yourself, your loved ones, and then I often include all-life. I send my prayers to air, water, soil, the animal kingdom, the mineral kingdom, the waters, plants, trees, vegetables and fruits. All beings. This time is also very appropriate to respond to prayer requests if you have received any from your friends or loved ones.

After this, if you chose to, you could then set an intention for the day if you are practicing in the morning or for the dream time if you are practicing in the evening. This part becomes very powerful to focus your free will as you move through your life lessons. Especially if you tie the initial intention of the practice to what you realize during the practice and your intentions for the day or the dream time.

I decided to speak about this today since I am often asked how to structure a practice…

May your practice to connect to you and your divine source be always and all ways be blessed, fruitful, graceful and peaceful.



2 thoughts on “Structuring your mind-body practice…

  1. Beautifully written and well explained. Thank you Tijen.
    I am reading this again and from personal experience practicing this, it is a beautiful thing to experience.

    Liked by 1 person

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