New Year’s Resolution

It is this time of the year you will see bunch of articles about what you need to become, what to do with yourself and how you need to be this or that. It is also often this time of the year most of the population decides on how they need to be something other than they are. In both cases, there is a “discontentment”, “discord” with one’s self and sometimes even guilt and shame is imposed through the thought leaders or teachers that tell people they are not “good enough” so they need to improve this or that…

I remember having this conversation with a Yogi Friend couple of years ago, he said, my resolution is “not to improve myself” this year. Even that had some “less-ness” in it. How about coming to the terms, appreciation, accordance and harmony with one’s own existence, grace, the beauty and creativity, and appreciating that for a year!

I see year after year my friends and people in my community struggling with themselves trying to change by resisting a part of them. As a coach, I can assure you, no change can take place by resistance. Only acceptance will bring energies of compassion and movement into the existence. Plus, resolution, by definition means resolving something, coming to terms with it. Therefore some superficial goals, like losing weight or exercise will not hit the core challenge inside that is waiting to be heard, come to terms with and resolved…

So the very first day of this year I am writing to create awareness around the information you might be getting bombarded with that has shame or guilt-based programming, social psyche and conditioning that will lead you into creating superficial goals, which will further alienate yourself from you. If you could, please take a moment to step out this non-ending circle of “needing to be improved” for a moment to reflect and plug you into you. Take a moment to appreciate your unique divinity, your grace, your creativity and beauty that you are here to offer. Make this year a “Celebrating You” year. In JOY accepting you as the creative, resourceful and whole human being. Make a year of freedom from nothing to improve here, move along year!! And a year to exit from all the social programing that tells that you are not enough so that they can manipulate you into doing whatever they need you to do such as buying a book, liking them on their Facebook, getting them to join their church, community, buy their product, whatever it is.

May your year be filled with grace that is equivalent to yours. May you see your beauty, light and peace through the mirrors of your life. May you engage in activities and thoughts that are honoring you.

Happy and a Blessed New Year.



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