Love ceremonies

She cannot have any tan lines she said, pointing at the bride, she is getting married on Friday as they inquired about the beach yoga. Although, I did not understand the concept of choosing to getting married in Jamaica, island of the Sun, and being worried about the tan lines, I gave them couple of options…This was couple of days ago and it was lingering in my mind since. I was wondering since when we became so obsessed about our looks than the commitment we are about to make for being able love someone…

This morning I witnessed a wedding took place by the beach. It was a low key, only 6 people attended and a Jamaican beach singer was playing love songs for them with his guitar. That felt more authentic ceremony for me for committing to love someone…

Little earlier today, I witnessed another ceremony as I was walking down towards the beach from my room. The ceremony was taking place on the balcony and it caught my eyes. I first thought this was the same group of Japanese individuals who were inquiring about the beach yoga but then I noticed that the groom was not a white guy rather Japanese fellow. They were performing traditional tea ceremony in the balcony. They decorated the balcony, they were in their traditional dresses…It felt like a symphony. It looked so beautiful, so joy-filled, reverent and amazing to watch. The bride was in her gorgeous red dress, glowing. I didn’t know is she was like the other one, and worried about her tan lines but I doubt it…

Having all these three experiences and thinking back what kind of a bride I was for my own wedding, generated so much compassion for the brides who are concerned with the tan lines, flower arrangements, cake colors and all… As those are the details of the commitment, and no need for them to take the center stage of the love commitment ceremony…

As I sit at the beach of the “Island of One Love, One Heart”, I wanted to share my perspective. Love does not care about the tan lines or the cake towers. It cares about flowing from one individual to another with respect, reverence, compassion and care…

May your loves be free from the insecurities that are being imposed by the cultures and industries….May you feel free to express it with no restirction….




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