Time travel

Couple years ago I went to Fiji. I took Dr. Fred Allen Wolf’s "Do it Yourself Time Travel" book with me to read during my vacationJ Yes, I read quantum physic books on my vacationsJ In any event, even before I read the book it felt like I was travelling across time and space anyway. Given that, I left US while it was winter, I arrived to Fiji to find summer and on my return to US it was spring time. Also passing the International Date Line really shifts your whole system…

This year, I am having a similar experience but this time the experience is spread through the whole year. In the beginning of the year I was just adjusting back to life in the US after being in India for three months, and the frigid cold climate after the tropical weather in India. Towards the end of the spring I went to Spain to experience summer and then returned to the US to experience the spring. I just returned from Turkey and yet again experiencing winter here after the warm summer weathers and soon I will be leaving for Jamaica to meet with summer againJ My time travel this year is not only in the physical but also in the emotional level as well. I was in the mission of purging since the beginning of the year therefore I went through lots of material objects and reflected back at the times that I accumulated them. Also going to Turkey is always an emotional time travel since I reflect back to my behavioral patterns while observing my close family members and understand how I inherited them.

While I was in Turkey, I ended up reading a lot of historical articles about ancient myths. One of which was the Norse Mythology talking about the Tree of Life Yggdrasil (pronounced "IG-druh-sill). Dan McCoy explains in his article that the Yggdrasil is an ash tree and stands evergreen above Urd’s Well… He says that "The Well of Urd corresponds to the past tense. It is the reservoir of completed or ongoing actions that nourish the tree and influence its growth. Yggdrasil, in turn, corresponds to the present tense, that which is being actualized here and now. What of intention and necessity, then? This is the water that permeates the image, flowing up from the well into the tree, dripping from the leaves of the tree as dew, and returning to the well, where it then seeps back up into the tree." I enjoyed reading Dan’s explanation of this concept in the Indian tradition that is called "Karma".

Traveling over Time and Space is a technique I often employ in my coaching sessions with the clients to enable the healing of the deeper emotional wounds that the source of it is not clear to the client. In this technique, client is in a meditative state where I guide them through the time and space to facilitate their observation of the events and behaviors that fed in to the current patterns just like the dews that flow back into the Well of Urd. In this case, client obtains clarity not only about their propensities (see my Propensity blog) but also what necessitates the experiences for them to grow.

Although we are trained culturally that the time is a linear concept; it is through the quantum physic we started to understand that might not be the case. Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dr. Fred Allen Wolf, and others are speaking about possibilities of experiencing quantum leap by traveling back in time and observe where a pattern is introduced to one’s psyche in order to facilitate learning of a specific concept according to soul’s development schedule. And yes, what we can experience in the current life is constrained by our destiny; it is possible to create very different learning circumstances and elevate our transformation to a completely different levels.

It is my offering to you today is an awareness of your "dew drops" by each choice, in each moment. Notice the drop; notice its composition, clarity and content. Notice its offering to the Well of Urd. What are you offering back to the collective psyche? What is your alchemical process of drinking the Well’s water, processing through your Tree of Life before you offer your "dew drop" back? How is the water in the well? How would you like it to be? How are you changing it by your contributions?

May you are able to offer "highest potential" with the each of your "dew drop". May you are able to purify your alchemical process that transforms what you consume from the "Well of Urd". May your offerings be always and all ways nourishing to the Yggdrasil.



Norse Mythology for Smart People by Dan McCoy

Do it yourself time travel by Dr. Fred Allen Wolf

Quantum Healing by Dr. Deepak Chopra

Regressions through the Mirrors of Time by Dr. Brian Weiss

Picture Credits: Norse Mythology for Smart People by Dan McCoy



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