Prana and change

I often say in my mind-body classes that "let the breath breathe you". I also use the term when someone is trying to make an impact on something "put your breath into it". To me these two concepts are very important and it is often we don’t realize or appreciate their importance.

In the Eastern Traditions there is a term used for this intelligent life-source that comes and breathes us. In Sanskrit it is called "Prana". Somehow in the Western cultures we feel entitled to our breath…We don’t put emphasis on it until it is our last one that is gifted to us, then I believe that there is an awareness of that life-source or consciousness, which we are part of.

The second thing I would like to bring awareness is the breath-ability of your body (See my blog Breathalyzer and Enlightenment). It is often thought that the enlightenment is a state of the mind. My perspective and reality as a yogini is that it is the state of the whole body-mind system. More you enable "prana" to breathe you, more you embody the light, the cosmic intelligence, the divine, whatever you call it in your system.

Recently, most of my close friends are speaking to about how they struggle to make changes in their life to create anew. I am in the middle of mine as well. Change is not always an easy one, especially when one is trying to shift the whole ground underneath, create an earthquake so the change can occur from the roots up. I recently speak about how to strategize the change on my Genco Coaching blog ( Here, I am going to speak about co-creating or enabling the change trough Prana since we are not only our mind, we have more complex system that includes physical body along with subtle bodies that enables the energetic changes through our emotions, beliefs, etc., both is needed.

So the one major thing to consider is your readiness for the change. It is often we feel frustrated that the change is not happening, yet on the other hand we have so many control mechanism that we don’t trust Prana to come and do its job. We block the energy and hold the breath. When you wish to make a change, ask yourself, if the change is at your door, (you have no idea what it is going to do but for sure it will create the new) will you open the door, will you allow it? Let me ask in the coaching language…How ready are you to embrace the change? (I often ask the % of readiness score to my clients). Once you assess that, then check in to see which part of your body is embracing the Prana and which parts are tight, not enabling breath to come through you. When you get to this level of awareness then you can invite those parts to dinner, walk, tea, whatever floats your boat to see what makes them scare of Prana! What fear system is running through you that is blocking the riverbeds of the Pranic force. Before you clear those out, you won’t get the change in the level you wish to have.

Let me give you a picture so you can see clearly the behavior. You invited a guest to your home, you are so anxious and longing to see. When they arrive, you are acting as if you don’t hear the door as you feel your home is not good enough, not ready, or some unnecessary thought like that. Or you peek out the door by crack opening and hoping that they didn’t see you while you impatiently sitting behind the door imagining how wonderful to spend time with them…Do you see the absurdity in the behavior? But we all do it. In fact, if you open the door, you know the guest will help you in every way and your guest is so powerful that they can even take the door down if they wanted to!!!

I will now leave you with that metaphor, along with my prayers…May the strength in your heart in all ways and always support you for overcoming debilitating, disabling beliefs. May you feel comfortable just following the clues and being OK with not knowing the whole picture of the change until you embody the whole of it. May you find bliss in changing and not knowing…


Further support: In the Yoga tradition, mantras often used as a sound therapy to attune and/or reenergize the specific area in the body. Ganesha mantra can be used for this purpose as you recognize breath-disabled areas. “om gan ganapataye namaha”…If you choose not to investigate what is the reason for the blockage rather you wish it to be opened up to Pranic force, use the mantra…


Picture credit: Melanie Weidner

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