White male perspective, aromatherapy and statistical analysis

Take the aromatherapy part out of the brochure he said, if I was the person who was interested in hiring you, I will look at the right side of the brochure, see all your credentials as a professional coach, be very impressed, and then look at the left side of the brochure and see you use aromatherapy in your life coaching then the whole thing will feel like a hoax and I will change my mind…I stood there frustrated as a person who is born and trained to break down the cultural dogmas, perspectives that are no longer serving the society. It felt like I had a huge tsunami wave in front of me.

I cannot understand the “white male” perspective any better than I already do. I am an Electronics Engineer, with training in advanced statistical and mathematical analysis so that I can provide factual information at the mastery level for process improvement! That is heck of a left brain usage!!! I coached “white male” executives for years…And, those many years, I struggled in the “white male” perspective driven, cold corporate cultures as a beautiful, emotional, intuitive women, trying to express that side of me with humongous control so that I won’t be shunned in my corporate tribe the “ugly duckling”…

Here it was the very same lesson of my life was standing before me once again. Alright I said, unwillingly, I will take that off, and will express to my clients verbally when there is an appropriate moment. On the other hand, I know that aromatherapy is not a hoax, rather a science that has been used for centuries. Impacts of the aroma on human psyche are already published. I didn’t come up with that. But as a woman, I am trained on them by birth, with my intuition…I wanted to shout that…I am a woman; I am bountiful, blissful ,intuitive, I am….

Even sadder that my mother agreed with him…She is also very intuitive and so scared of her that side, find a refuge in the factual world…Like my magnificent grandmother did and like many other women does. I saw many women in the corporate world for years, acting and looking like men. Isn’t it time to come out of the closet and be the intuitive Goddesses we are??? Despite the fact that credible universities such as Harvard and re-finding the truth and publishing for years, there is still a wound, a big wound around intuition and intuitive sciences as if one would be perceived like a witch and be burned!!! This is hurting both the male and female energies everywhere around the world. So today, my hope is to bring awareness into this cultural wound that needs to be heal, the cultural perspective needs to be modified and seasoned by all the other perspectives other than “pure white male” one.

With that, I would like to ask you in which contexts, from which you are hiding yourself and your truth? Where do you hide in the closet and feeling so fired up, frustrated and angry by hiding? Who can benefit from your gifts that they are experiencing the lack of due to your fears of being expelled?

So many of my friends send me their comments about my blog by email as they are afraid of showing their spiritual perspectives in Linked in or posting their comments on my blog site. Whose judgment are you afraid of? The worse judge of you is you. Do I even need to say that? It is almost eight months since I wrote my blog “Coming Out of the Closet”, I coached, inspired, mentored other coaches to do the same. It is now I my hope and prayer is to inspire you all, my lovely readers. We need each other to shift and heal the culture. I can take the lead and be the first “ugly duckling”. No worries. But I want to see the other swans along the side of me so we can form new, creative, intuitive, tribes with holistic perspectives…

May you find the courage to express your truth and inspire others to do so…



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