Justice and Judgment

Judgment is a very challenging and difficult concept to understand as you reach the higher levels in your spiritual development. In the lower levels awareness, we understand judgment to be the punishment that is executed for justice to take place the way we see it. These assessments often generates rage, grudge, anger, inequality and other unhealthy feelings…As you reach to the higher levels in the spiritual development, you seek to understand the justice and judgment in a way that brings people in harmony, peace and togetherness rather than feeling of being wronged, and feeling separate. I have been seeking knowledge and understanding of these two concepts in this way for two years now. Interestingly enough a book about Tarot that gave me the best understanding so far…

I am in Turkey at the moment, visiting my homeland by birth. Turkish culture tends to be very judgmental and critical like many other eastern cultures. May be not as strong and destructive as some other countries but still there is a strong dance with these two energies in Turkey. Due to tight family ties and close social circles everyone asks a lot of information about everyone else; they sit down and discuss, and present their judgmental assessments about the situation as if they are the expert in other people’s lives. Despite the fact that I grew up in this, I lost my immunity towards it due to my own spiritual development as well as my physical distance to the culture. I am finding this behavior now, very heavy to my heart, and difficult to engage in. After spending two days of listening conversations about people’s marriages and who needs to behave in what way for justice to be served, I decided to write about this concept.

Tarot card book defines Judgment as recognition of a moment when consciousness moves to a new level of awareness, and the impact of the resulting decision made by the soul through the time and space. So judgment is a tool to create a new level of understanding thought the 6th chakra where the eye of compassion is engaged. 6th
chakra represents our ability to have all encompassing vision.

Based on all my studies and experiences, I came to a new level of understanding of these two, that is when universal harmony is blocked or interrupted, judgment serves a purpose to restore it to its just, towards the balanced and harmonious position. However, the justice in this case is not always in a way that we understand it. Sometimes in the level of our awareness what is happening is interpreted as the unjust act yet over the grand scheme of things beyond our understanding some sort of a balance is being maintained or restored. Our purpose is to get to that understanding by engaging compassion and using judgment to discriminate as a tool. This is the very reason why most of the religious traditions will have the rule of "Thou shall not judge". Since it is not possible for us to do that with the level that we are.

What I wish to share today with this blog is to offer this awareness to you once again. Yes, we all know the rule "Thou shall not judge" but it doesn’t go far beyond being a well-known sentence. We also know the rule we are all one but how many of us truly can embody that knowledge…So in the level that we are, maybe we understand our shortcoming as a human beings at this stage in our spiritual development that we lack of understanding of the concepts of "judgment" and justice". All we can do is to use the judgment as a tool to deepen our understanding of the situation without offering our opinions about it to anyone. Rather go deep inside and see how and where we can touch the waters of compassion that will help bring harmony into the discorded situation.

Here is my prayer: May you find a way to ascend into the levels of compassion when the high tide of judgment is present. May you find harmony within to connect, strengthen and offer to the situations where you feel that are not "just". May you resort to inner work as you experience injustice around you to shift your level of awareness where the energies of universe are waiting to meet you and take you to your next level.



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