I noticed the knot in my stomach area, in the center of self-power as I was breathing with the awareness. I realized that how much of my power I give away by trying to control other people’s emotions. This is something most of the empathetic, sensitive people do or learned to do at early ages in order to ensure there is a peace and harmony in our environment so that we feel safe, comfortable and at peace. However, I have never realized how much of this behavior has been creating impediments within the management of my own power. At that very moment, it became crystal clear to me that we, the sensitive people, send big chunk of our power over the people who are experiencing some sort of discomfort to make them feel better, happy or comfortable. However, the power we send is not usable by them, and rather it diminishes our own energy levels and goes against ourselves by chocking our own self-power management center, the 3rd chakra. We are not aware of this, nor the impact of it, while feeling exhausted, nervous, anxious and power-less until we take a moment to realize what we do, such as in my case…

I also noticed that our power, and energy hovering over the other persons suffocates them and disables their ability to freely feel what they chose to feel in order to continue with their growth…I remember my cousin being extremely loving, with the tears in his eyes, looking at me during the time when I lost my dad, and saying to me "I am trying to make everyone happy". I thought of saying to him, darling this is an exhausting act and "mission impossible". Having to know that I tried that most of my young and adult life…And forcing me to be happy during the time that requires growth through experiencing grief and sadness is not good for me, also it goes against my truth. I kept quiet at that time but expressing this now to everyone who is reading it…

How does then one change this behavior towards self-empowerment? What I else I realized at the moment of clear awareness is that one way to do this is to you call your power back (see Strategy Execution and Focus Blog). I used the same prayer and said, "I call my power back from the people and places I should not have invested my power". I affirmed myself to use my power only to empower myself and not to send out to control anyone’s feelings or emotions even if that means I predict a possible conflict in between my loved ones. Sending my power to hover over them or the situation is a helpless, dysfunctional and dis-able-ing act. They need to be able to express themselves freely and exchange the energy that allows their growth. We can exert our opinion with love or better yet imagine this exchange to be harmonious, loving and the one that will serve the highest and best for everyone involved. That’s all about it. And to know that sending our power away diminishes our ability to channel the grace and be the transponder of love and kindness silently for this scenario. So for you to call your power back into you and use yourself as an antenna that broadcasts harmony from the divinity or your own goodness will serve the situation in a much better way while keeping you in your own grace and power.

I admit that I am still working to resolve the knot in my stomach. After all God only knows for how many years, where, and over how many people I have sent it to in order to provide peace, love, kindness and harmony…I know that this will be a gradual healing. And in order for us to heal across the cultures, time and space, we all need to call our power back to where it belongs…Hence, this blog for the awareness of it for today…

Whose behavior makes you uncomfortable and out of control? Notice it, whether it is the president of a country, your aunt, your spouse, your boss, your children the person cuts in front of you or whoever it might be. How are you trying to change or control their behavior? Once you are able to step out of it into the level of awareness, and then breathe into your own body, you will get much clarity on what this is doing for you. Then the healing will start…With the generated awareness, over the time you will be able to course correct, shift your behavior, maintain your power and with that power be able to generate self-compassion to heal your own heart.

May you are able to stay strong in the moments of discomfort to enable and empower yourself and others towards the healing to take place…

Picture credits: http://collecticlife.blogspot.com.tr/2011_12_01_archive.html



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