Winter, spring, death and rebirth

We just experienced the week that is celebrated as Easter or as it was defined in the ancient tradition prior to being embraced by Christianity is the raising from the ashes and becoming alive again. This is often considered a miracle that happens only to the people with special abilities such as prophets. We often overlook the fact that nature does it every year and we celebrate it when nature decides to rebirth itself and rise from the dead.

Recently, it is either coming to my awareness or more books are being published about the people who are having NDEs (Near Death Experiences). They also speak about their encounter rebirth after the death. Commonality between them is the understanding and knowledge of their life journey, lessons, and choices they made during NDE. After such an experience these people often become the messenger of light, love, compassion and faith since part of their understanding during the NDE is how fear, resentment, etc. impacts one’s own life, prosperity and joy.

In the spiritualty this experience is recognized as the death of ego. And you see lots of New Age teachers declared a war towards eliminating the ego.

I rebirthed myself many times in many ways as well as assisted my clients through their journey of rising through the ashes. Most of us feel this after any kind of loss at certain level, especially after the loss of a loved one. With the knowledge I gained over the years, I can share with you that the rebirthing experience has nothing to do with the elimination of the ego. Ego is a tool that is necessary in the human psyche in order to understand one’s own boundaries as a soul in this life experience. What really dying is one’s own commitment, connection and agreement to experience one’s life through the fear-full perspective (see my Exorcism, the choice between fear and faith Blog). One realizes such a significant transformation by finding faith in its body-mind, releasing one’s agreements with fear, locating the love and kindness inside of one’s self towards everyone, especially one’s self.

You can understand now why this is called resurrection as you ended up drying out and weeding your own system, fertilizing your own soul to grow love, life, kindness and compassion in it since these seeds cannot grow in fear. Your own soil becomes too acidic for it to grow and starts destroying itself with various illnesses (see Deadly Emotions by Don Colbert).

So then, how one can give a rebirth to oneself? It requires a warrior-like awareness to understand one’s own behavioral patterns, where the fear is sliding in and contaminating the responses. It necessitate significant amount of quality time with one’s self so that one can reestablish new neural pathways to create a new, loving, kind, compassionate responses to whatever it is happening in the experience. And it requires qualities of yin, the feminine principle of nourishment, stillness, love; after all you need a time to gestate prior to the birth.

When one takes up such a journey, meditation; daily restorative, hatha, yin types of yoga practices, gentle diet, being in the nature and any kind of creative activity where one connects to one’s higher-self becomes very helpful. We often see the unsuccessful versions of rebirths around the mid-life when one avoids such intimacy with themselves and define the rebirth as new fashion styles, cars, etc. All is well, all choices are OK, and it is just that what you wish to do with your life…

With that, it is my prayer that you find the courage towards meeting your higher-self and directed by the light when rebirthing becomes your experience…

Further resources: Dying to be Me by Anita Moorjani, Proof of Heaven by Eben Alexander, MD




We often are interested in authentication for the things that are precious to us such as antiques, art, jewelry; designer items, etc. however, never think to authenticate our most precious thing, ourselves…

Today I decided to introduce this new concept for your awareness. On my other blogs I spoke about social and cultural influences on our being as well as our subconscious. It is not a surprise to anyone of you to see yourself behaving like one of your family member although you think you are very different than them. Or to feel the pressure to behave in a certain way due to cultural doctrines, despite the fact it doesn’t feel right or good for you. In those moments you are exercising your free will towards self-invalidation. When you chose to behave in a way that is not representing your truth, you are falsifying yourself, and giving your power away to someone else or collective psyche of a social group. There are so many examples of this out there and fashion is a very easy one to point out. When you chose to ignore your own taste to fit in and follow what someone else says true for the season, then you are giving your power away to the fashion industry to manage it for you while falsifying yourself, your own truth.

Each time you chose to behave in such a way, you are then weakening your own power. In the Yogic tradition, it is 3rd chakra where our personal will reside. The more you give in and falsify you, weaker you get to follow your own will. And angrier you get as your system knows what is true for you. The source of a lot of depression cases can be found in this type of self-falsification and one’s inability to hold on to their truth.

How can one come back to one’s own power then and re-authenticate one’s self? You may think that all those people doing crunches like crazy bunch at the Gyms to have a six pack found the solution. That cannot be further from the truth. I find most of the exercises out there are being imposed upon people are useless. Exercising industry turned into a fashion-like industry at least in the US. People are keep coming up with something new and useless to make more money on. Most of the exercises are leading people building superficial muscles towards the exterior of the body while weakening and tightening inside. What I recommend is endurance, which is flexibility with strength. That is the key. So you could start building your powerhouse, your 3rd chakra back by engaging exercises such as plank, boat, pushups that build strength within. As the tissue you need to strengthen starts from the pubic bone, connects to belly button and to the heart center. You can see how this dynamic eventually closes your heart to you and diminishes your ability to love yourself.

Along the side of such exercises, I recommend a reflective time to notice where in your body that breath is not flowing through. Your breath, as I mentioned in my other blogs, is one of your major guide. Where breath cannot go through (I call this breath-unable places within the body), there is a falsehood that needs to be resolved and released so that your higher- self, your soul and divine can come to and through you.

As you create awareness about where you hold the tension, you will also start to understand in what circumstances, situations, and towards who you give your power to. This part requires change in the behavior headed for honoring one’s self and you may need a guide, a mentor or a coach to support you while you are choosing differently, especially if you haven’t done this kind of a work before or get to the intimacy with yourself before.

As you learn to honor, re-authenticate yourself and clear your body as well as your consciousness out of the falsifications and untruth, you will move towards more blissful, joyous and self-reverent life.

May you always and all ways understand and honor your true North. May you find strength within to express your truth with love. May you are able to dismiss the falsification and untruth offerings with grace, dignity, compassion, peace and harmony.

PS: I am offering special for self-empowerment 5-sessions pack for who is connecting me and mentioning this blog. Offer expires May 30, 2015. These sessions are structured to explore where you go against yourself and your truth, how and which circumstances you give your power away. During the sessions you will obtain clarity on your behavioral patterns and then will have a choice to make a change. I will utilize coaching questions, guided meditations, breathing techniques, occasional yoga postures and some other techniques for this particular series.


Structuring your mind-body practice…


Most of you are familiar with yoga instructors are asking you to set up an intention for your practice for that session. And I know from my students that most of you take that as a routine process without putting much thought or your heart in it. Setting up an intention for your practice is a significant part of the process since during your practice you are meeting with your body-mind and your higher-self. Not having an intention is like going to a doctor or a lawyer and not explaining why you are there. In order for you to get a proper response, you need to explain the reason for your visit, even if it is just to spend quality time with your body-mind, or your soul so that you can hear the guidance coming back clearly. Otherwise you will get all bunch of information – of course you need to be quiet and listening to hear this- and will not know how to interpret it. Setting up intention creates focus and scope for the meeting.

Secondly, it is important to create a safety net around you. During any mind-body practice, our energies become very welcoming and open. Therefore it is easier for us to hear, sense or observe what is around us. This includes anything positive and negative. As I spoke above regarding to setting up an intention so you can create a focused meeting, creating safety net will allow you to hear or pick up only the messages and energies you chose to hear or observe and keep negativity or false information away. Therefore it is very important to set your boundaries clearly prior to such sessions. I will provide an example prayer that I use prior to setting up my intention. This prayer is nondenominational. If working with the Angels are not your cup of tea, you could visualize them as focused energies. Or chose something else that resonate with you, this is just an example.

Sit on easy pose (crossed legged) or hero pose (sitting on your heals) start calling upon your angels, guides, higher selves and whatever divine source is for you. Then start feeling the shifting of the energy around you. After this point you could choose the below prayer or your own:

Archangel Michael is on my right, God’s love and kindness. (Repeat is two times as you feel the energy on your right side)

Archangel Gabriel is on my left God’s strength and justice. (Repeat is two times as you feel the energy on your left side)

Archangel Raphael is in the back God’s healing and prosperity. (Repeat is two times as you feel the energy in your back, brushing against the spine)

Archangel Uriel is in the front, God’s wisdom and light. (Repeat is two times as you feel the energy in the front, especially on your 3rd eye point between your eyes)

Shakina (the divine presence) is protecting and shielding us (Repeat is two times as you feel the divine energy becoming an umbrella and covering you, surrounded by the Archangels each side)

State the whole prayer twice or as many times as you wish until you feel the connectedness to your source. Then proceed to intention setting process.

Once you finish your session, whether it is a yoga practice, meditation, whatever it is, then take another moment to close the session properly. Send your gratitude to divine source, your guides and angels, your higher-self, your body-mind for all the guidance and information you have received. Then continue with sending your prayers to yourself, your loved ones, and then I often include all-life. I send my prayers to air, water, soil, the animal kingdom, the mineral kingdom, the waters, plants, trees, vegetables and fruits. All beings. This time is also very appropriate to respond to prayer requests if you have received any from your friends or loved ones.

After this, if you chose to, you could then set an intention for the day if you are practicing in the morning or for the dream time if you are practicing in the evening. This part becomes very powerful to focus your free will as you move through your life lessons. Especially if you tie the initial intention of the practice to what you realize during the practice and your intentions for the day or the dream time.

I decided to speak about this today since I am often asked how to structure a practice…

May your practice to connect to you and your divine source be always and all ways be blessed, fruitful, graceful and peaceful.



Exorcism, the choice between fear and faith…

I never liked watching horror movies when I was a little girl and still don’t like it. I want nothing to do with the negativity, darkness or the dark forces. One of my friends gave me her book Owl Medicine early last year. I ended up reading it to find out her story of dealing with the dark forces. In fact she described herself as a carrier of light and staying away from the darkness. However in her spiritual journey she found out in a hard way that ignoring something does not make it go away. After reading her story, I realized that in order to carry the light properly I needed to understand how the darkness and negativity was working so that I won’t become vulnerable to it just by ignorance. I ordered a book that was detailing information about the dark forces and negativity and how it worked in this planet. Some sections really freaked me out and I had a hard time reading it. But I admit that I am glad that I took the courage to read it. The most important awareness I got from this book was further encouraging my understanding of our relationship to “fear” and our ability to “choose and exercise our free will”.

Years ago some wise woman told me that “you cannot have faith and fear” at the same time. You need to choose one or the other. That stuck with me. And now once again I really understood how true that was. With every choice we make we are choosing either the light or the darkness. Every action we have either based on positivity such as trust, faith, love, compassion, or fear. If you are staying present, and looking down to your actions with awareness you start to see this clearly. For example, let’s take a dynamic between your loved one and the event is about them not doing something you ask them to do. You can choose to get angry by thinking that they don’t care about you, they don’t have respect for you, they ignore you, etc… Or you can choose to say, I have no idea what is going on in their world right now, there is no reason for me to be judgmental about it and let it go. You see, in one way you are contributing to negativity based on social conditioning that says if someone behaves in this way you need to interpret that is such and such or you can come up with your new interpretation that says I have no business trying to interpret someone’s behavior, I will choose peace. It is as simple as this. There are so many social conditioning and rules that are embedded in our psyche and we live our lives based on them. But there is a very important point we forget, that these rules started to be developed with the human existence and most of them are based on flight and flight responses. There are no tribes nearby that are going to attack us or tigers running around trying to eat us. In fact we are the ones destroying everything with these outdated rules. (See my expiring needs blog).

In the end, the light, God, Divine, whatever you call the higher source, does not care about what we chose. That is the whole reason why we have “free will”. But the quality of our life and wellbeing depends on our choices. Furthermore, darkness does care about what we chose as it requires our energy in order to exist. And by being ignorant and not being present, we exercise our free will towards the choices we really would not choose if we take a moment to think it though. After all I don’t believe anyone who is reading my blogs wishes to be feeding the darkness through their life force, their breath and energy and weaken themselves by doing so…

I chose to share this awareness with you today after some pondering as every choice you make counts, little ones more than the big ones…My prayer today is for you to be able to stay present, and aware with each breath, and each choice so you can make them towards the light and your wellbeing rather than feeding something you wish to go away…The meaning of the exorcism is defined as “to free (a person, place, etc.) of evil spirits or malignant influences”. With this warrior-like awareness you clear and clean the fear from your psyche, emotional body, your tissue, your cells, your blood, your soul’s history one by one and that is the true exorcism. By clearing the fears that are running your software in the background and eating your energy alive you find true freedom, peace, harmony and wellbeing…

May you find the courage to choose light by each choice, may you develop strength in your heart to choose peace and harmony. May the light surround you, your wellbeing and your choices to support your journey towards the light.



New Year’s Resolution

It is this time of the year you will see bunch of articles about what you need to become, what to do with yourself and how you need to be this or that. It is also often this time of the year most of the population decides on how they need to be something other than they are. In both cases, there is a “discontentment”, “discord” with one’s self and sometimes even guilt and shame is imposed through the thought leaders or teachers that tell people they are not “good enough” so they need to improve this or that…

I remember having this conversation with a Yogi Friend couple of years ago, he said, my resolution is “not to improve myself” this year. Even that had some “less-ness” in it. How about coming to the terms, appreciation, accordance and harmony with one’s own existence, grace, the beauty and creativity, and appreciating that for a year!

I see year after year my friends and people in my community struggling with themselves trying to change by resisting a part of them. As a coach, I can assure you, no change can take place by resistance. Only acceptance will bring energies of compassion and movement into the existence. Plus, resolution, by definition means resolving something, coming to terms with it. Therefore some superficial goals, like losing weight or exercise will not hit the core challenge inside that is waiting to be heard, come to terms with and resolved…

So the very first day of this year I am writing to create awareness around the information you might be getting bombarded with that has shame or guilt-based programming, social psyche and conditioning that will lead you into creating superficial goals, which will further alienate yourself from you. If you could, please take a moment to step out this non-ending circle of “needing to be improved” for a moment to reflect and plug you into you. Take a moment to appreciate your unique divinity, your grace, your creativity and beauty that you are here to offer. Make this year a “Celebrating You” year. In JOY accepting you as the creative, resourceful and whole human being. Make a year of freedom from nothing to improve here, move along year!! And a year to exit from all the social programing that tells that you are not enough so that they can manipulate you into doing whatever they need you to do such as buying a book, liking them on their Facebook, getting them to join their church, community, buy their product, whatever it is.

May your year be filled with grace that is equivalent to yours. May you see your beauty, light and peace through the mirrors of your life. May you engage in activities and thoughts that are honoring you.

Happy and a Blessed New Year.



Divine Tools: Chaos

It has been a while that I feel like my life is bit in chaos. I have been pulling the “Tower” and “Death’ cards for some time now and in Tarot they both represent neurotic changes, endings and beginnings that we all resist. It is not only my life that I am observing under this chaotic flow but also in my close circle of friends… I was aware how much I was resisting the change and have a hard time letting go of the current but I didn’t know how to allow myself flow with the unknown waters of this river of chaos, despite the fact that I strategized, architected and facilitated change in my corporate life for many years as a Change Architect and Transformational Coach…Oh, well when it is one’s self, it is much harder to apply coaching and use the logic that share with othersJ

Last night, I had an interesting and very long dream that I never experienced before. It was three parts and after each major part, I was becoming awake so I can remember what was shared with me from my subconscious. I was making a mental note each time I became awake, as I don’t do getting up and writing my dreams in the middle of the night despite the fact I do dream coaching…JFinally when it all ended, towards the final waking hour, I realized how much I am resisting to moving forward into what my life is about to bring to me. Of course I have no idea what that is, but resisting it, not helping with anything at all other than creating unnecessary stress, just like being on a rollercoaster and sitting so nervous and uptight. When you do that, you bang your body to the chair much harder and have a harder time with the flow, rather than being relaxed and flowing with the movement….Duh, don’t I know that as a change coach and a yoga teacher…But the unknown, freaks all of us out as if we have control in anything at all in our life. All we can do is to stay present and respond as things are happening….

So my last night’s major “aha” or “satori” moment was to realize “chaos” as a divinely designed change tool. We initiated chaos and chaotic flows in order to make quantum leap movements and shifts in our spiritual development. If we didn’t engage chaos there would be no way we would leave our comfort zones and make the changes that we need to do despite how much we outgrown from the places, situations, relationships, etc.

Therefore today, I would like to bring awareness into the chaos in your lives. When we design our lives before we come to earth school, most of us chose to insert chaotic events into it as a change mechanism so we spiritually grow. However, when we come to earth, we have no memory of this and we are afraid from our own growth as Caroline Myss talks about it in her teachings. In Greek mythology, Lethe was one of the five rivers of Hades. Also known as the Ameles Potamos- The River of Unmindfulness. The Lethe flowed around the cave of Hypnos and through the Underworld, where all those who drank from it experienced complete forgetfulness. The souls were required to drink from its water in order to forget their earthly life. We wouldn’t know of course how true this myth is but it certainly makes sense as if we remembered what it is we were going to experience we would completely become fearful to move through with the experiences we are in our lives. One of the main spiritual evolutions is to develop courage to not only carry our own power but to acknowledge it. So we engage chaos as a divine tool and a friend that helps us to go through.

When chaos is present, remember you won’t be talking a regular walk into the new ; rather will be jumping a quantum leap, just like a grasshopper, into the new setup you need to experience. That experience might be unknown to you but not at all this means bad, it is simply unknown. In those moments of chaos, the main thing is being tested at the soul level is your “faith”, “your ability to trust yourself” that you can handle any situation that is coming towards you. So chaos and a self-trust are very much related, consequently your choice between self-doubt and self-assurance. Which one would you chose?

May you are able to reach and locate your feelings of self-assurance and self-trust during your surf with the river of Chaos. May you are able to find peace and joy in your chaotic rides.



Love ceremonies

She cannot have any tan lines she said, pointing at the bride, she is getting married on Friday as they inquired about the beach yoga. Although, I did not understand the concept of choosing to getting married in Jamaica, island of the Sun, and being worried about the tan lines, I gave them couple of options…This was couple of days ago and it was lingering in my mind since. I was wondering since when we became so obsessed about our looks than the commitment we are about to make for being able love someone…

This morning I witnessed a wedding took place by the beach. It was a low key, only 6 people attended and a Jamaican beach singer was playing love songs for them with his guitar. That felt more authentic ceremony for me for committing to love someone…

Little earlier today, I witnessed another ceremony as I was walking down towards the beach from my room. The ceremony was taking place on the balcony and it caught my eyes. I first thought this was the same group of Japanese individuals who were inquiring about the beach yoga but then I noticed that the groom was not a white guy rather Japanese fellow. They were performing traditional tea ceremony in the balcony. They decorated the balcony, they were in their traditional dresses…It felt like a symphony. It looked so beautiful, so joy-filled, reverent and amazing to watch. The bride was in her gorgeous red dress, glowing. I didn’t know is she was like the other one, and worried about her tan lines but I doubt it…

Having all these three experiences and thinking back what kind of a bride I was for my own wedding, generated so much compassion for the brides who are concerned with the tan lines, flower arrangements, cake colors and all… As those are the details of the commitment, and no need for them to take the center stage of the love commitment ceremony…

As I sit at the beach of the “Island of One Love, One Heart”, I wanted to share my perspective. Love does not care about the tan lines or the cake towers. It cares about flowing from one individual to another with respect, reverence, compassion and care…

May your loves be free from the insecurities that are being imposed by the cultures and industries….May you feel free to express it with no restirction….




Where you are is not where you are going to stay…

I so wanted to say that to my darling friend who faced one of the deepest tragedies a human being can experience…But her sorrow was so new I could not dare to say it…I wish someone told me that when I was experiencing losses in my family… Sometimes the grief or whatever the emotion you are experiencing is so overwhelming one would wonder if one can ever get out of that tide…In fact, I remember saying the very same thing to my close friends after losing my nephew. It felt like if I allowed myself to experience the grief, I will go to the bottom of the ocean, never can come back and suffocate myself along with my tribe…My husband told me to get it together so I can help others to heal through. I called that a grief leadership and spoke about it on my blog called “Leadership”. This time I am going to speak about transformative impact of the grief as a teacher…

I adore supportive, loving, caring friends in my life. They are the ones create Safe Heaven for us to explore and express ourselves into being. However the most challenging people in our lives, the siblings, the children, the parent, the colleague, the boss, etc. are the ones who are pushes us out of our comfort zone to become who we meant to become…So I say to my students and to my clients, bless the ones that are giving you the “grief”…As hard as it might be. Otherwise one would hardly get out of their comfort zone and create new boundaries of one self.

I am travelling at the moment and decided to teach my students how to dance with the fear today since fear and grief work very much together. It is often our fear of facing with a grief after some experience immobilizes us. And that paralysis whether it is small or big that creates so much inner disturbance. We have an amazing Treasure Box that is given to us with all our skills before we come to experience life here on earth. Those are our natural gifts. We are also gifted with Pandora’s Box that holds our fears. In life we are to use the Treasure Box to process what is in the Pandora’s Box towards our graduation from this life experience so that we can offer our gifts to others; develop and stretch ourselves.

During one life time, one can have many final exams and graduation in between the levels of the learning such as from high school to PhD examples. And to me, one of the ultimate tests is to loss of a loved one. What would one do with that grief by using the skills and gifts one has…This test no one is prepared enough and no one is willing to take…

Despite that, once you are in the exam of course you have many choices. You could chose to say in grief and not use your gifts, or chose to allow a piece of you to die with the dying, and to rebirth yourself with your gifts to offer compassion and to give yourself to others in a brand new, much deeper, much more compassionate way as a wounded leader…

I hope that during the times of despair, you could find the courage within and connect that to your desire to serve others to lead you into new you. I hope that you use your Pandora’s Box very carefully and peacefully with grace so by the time of your transition there is nothing left in it. And I hope that you get familiar with both of your Boxes and energy between them. So that you know what is in each, to create ultimate response recipes for you…

May you find love, compassion, courage and understanding within to create most magnificent healings for yourself and others with your Treasure and Pandora’s Boxes…

I dedicate this blog to my Darling Angel Adrienne with the blessings for her journey towards healing…

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Time travel

Couple years ago I went to Fiji. I took Dr. Fred Allen Wolf’s "Do it Yourself Time Travel" book with me to read during my vacationJ Yes, I read quantum physic books on my vacationsJ In any event, even before I read the book it felt like I was travelling across time and space anyway. Given that, I left US while it was winter, I arrived to Fiji to find summer and on my return to US it was spring time. Also passing the International Date Line really shifts your whole system…

This year, I am having a similar experience but this time the experience is spread through the whole year. In the beginning of the year I was just adjusting back to life in the US after being in India for three months, and the frigid cold climate after the tropical weather in India. Towards the end of the spring I went to Spain to experience summer and then returned to the US to experience the spring. I just returned from Turkey and yet again experiencing winter here after the warm summer weathers and soon I will be leaving for Jamaica to meet with summer againJ My time travel this year is not only in the physical but also in the emotional level as well. I was in the mission of purging since the beginning of the year therefore I went through lots of material objects and reflected back at the times that I accumulated them. Also going to Turkey is always an emotional time travel since I reflect back to my behavioral patterns while observing my close family members and understand how I inherited them.

While I was in Turkey, I ended up reading a lot of historical articles about ancient myths. One of which was the Norse Mythology talking about the Tree of Life Yggdrasil (pronounced "IG-druh-sill). Dan McCoy explains in his article that the Yggdrasil is an ash tree and stands evergreen above Urd’s Well… He says that "The Well of Urd corresponds to the past tense. It is the reservoir of completed or ongoing actions that nourish the tree and influence its growth. Yggdrasil, in turn, corresponds to the present tense, that which is being actualized here and now. What of intention and necessity, then? This is the water that permeates the image, flowing up from the well into the tree, dripping from the leaves of the tree as dew, and returning to the well, where it then seeps back up into the tree." I enjoyed reading Dan’s explanation of this concept in the Indian tradition that is called "Karma".

Traveling over Time and Space is a technique I often employ in my coaching sessions with the clients to enable the healing of the deeper emotional wounds that the source of it is not clear to the client. In this technique, client is in a meditative state where I guide them through the time and space to facilitate their observation of the events and behaviors that fed in to the current patterns just like the dews that flow back into the Well of Urd. In this case, client obtains clarity not only about their propensities (see my Propensity blog) but also what necessitates the experiences for them to grow.

Although we are trained culturally that the time is a linear concept; it is through the quantum physic we started to understand that might not be the case. Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dr. Fred Allen Wolf, and others are speaking about possibilities of experiencing quantum leap by traveling back in time and observe where a pattern is introduced to one’s psyche in order to facilitate learning of a specific concept according to soul’s development schedule. And yes, what we can experience in the current life is constrained by our destiny; it is possible to create very different learning circumstances and elevate our transformation to a completely different levels.

It is my offering to you today is an awareness of your "dew drops" by each choice, in each moment. Notice the drop; notice its composition, clarity and content. Notice its offering to the Well of Urd. What are you offering back to the collective psyche? What is your alchemical process of drinking the Well’s water, processing through your Tree of Life before you offer your "dew drop" back? How is the water in the well? How would you like it to be? How are you changing it by your contributions?

May you are able to offer "highest potential" with the each of your "dew drop". May you are able to purify your alchemical process that transforms what you consume from the "Well of Urd". May your offerings be always and all ways nourishing to the Yggdrasil.



Norse Mythology for Smart People by Dan McCoy

Do it yourself time travel by Dr. Fred Allen Wolf

Quantum Healing by Dr. Deepak Chopra

Regressions through the Mirrors of Time by Dr. Brian Weiss

Picture Credits: Norse Mythology for Smart People by Dan McCoy



We all talk about life lessons yet we have difficult time to love the people that presenting us with the lessons. We rather like the ones they provide us with an easy ride. After all who wants to have a challenging life…?

From the spiritual development and transformation perspective, it is often those challenging people help us to grow. I am sensing that at this stage of our development, we are not so inclined to grow through love and joy. We often prefer to grow through suffering and pain to understand and appreciate the things in our lives. Hence we employ propensities so that the challenging people can trigger them. (See my blog about Buttoned up).

What needs to be paid attention to is not the trigger-er, rather what is being triggered. You can call that karma, lessons for the life, opportunities for healing, annoyances or whatever your beautiful heart desiresJ Those individuals who are helping you to see the propensities are your Santa’s little helpers. They are your guides showing you where your healing opportunities reside. It is often that we prefer to stay in the weeds of life rather than sit down, reflect and understand ourselves we need those people that took a noble role in our journey to show us what we need to learn.

As I explain this, I also know that it is not easy to go through such experiences. I have developed so much compassion for everyone who is suffering, including myself. It is very hard to get out of the story and get to the learning that is involved. I often suggest that in times like this, elevating one’s self to a higher altitude so that one can clearly see the lesson not what is happening in the moment. The experience itself can be very difficult to go through such as your ex-wife constantly demanding money from you despite the alimony, and all other things she has taken; and threating to turn your daughter against you if you don’t comply with her demands. Or your daughter develops an eating disorder despite the nurturing and empowering family environment. Or your husband makes choices that impacts the profitability of your company and create financial crisis. These are some real life examples that everyone who reads this can understand and relate how challenging it will be to experience it.

Now I show you how the elevated view may look like. What I will be sharing is some possible symbolic interpretations of the lessons that only the beings in it can truly understand and assess. In the first scenario, what I will see is that the person is developing towards setting healthy boundaries and learning to let go of trying to control other people’s emotions. People can be angry, loving or whatever they chose to and we have no control over them. Once they understand your weakness and propensities, then they will pull your strings until you grow out of that tendency…In the second scenario one may look into their tendencies in feeling overly responsible about the individual’s behavior or choices and relating other people’s outcomes with their own self-worth…In the third example one may entertain that the individual is developing trust within her own power to stand up for herself and what her believe. Also one may think that there is a development of healthy boundary here as well.

These are some scenarios and some possible interpretations that show what is taking place at the soul’s development journey rather than earth plane. So how does one develop such a sight to understand their propensities? One power-full way to do that is skillful questioning and self-reflection. In the coaching, we often avoid asking “why” questions. They habitually put people on the defensive mood, even if the person who is asking the “why” question is you. I suggest using “what” and “how” questions.

I also suggest that any time one is struggling with a lesson, first thing is to take care of them. It is less likely that you can respond to the situation from the place of power when you are suffering. Find a way to center yourself with whatever method works for you, such as walk in the nature, exercise, meditate, dance, listen to music, cook, etc.

There are other ways may also be helpful if they speak to you such as prayers, aromatherapy, crystals, etc.

May you find ways to center yourself when propensities present. May you find ways to detach yourself from the drama so that you can find harmonious and just way to respond to the circumstance for everyone involved. May you find ways to learn grow through joy and love and release propensities for growing through suffering.



Prana and change

I often say in my mind-body classes that "let the breath breathe you". I also use the term when someone is trying to make an impact on something "put your breath into it". To me these two concepts are very important and it is often we don’t realize or appreciate their importance.

In the Eastern Traditions there is a term used for this intelligent life-source that comes and breathes us. In Sanskrit it is called "Prana". Somehow in the Western cultures we feel entitled to our breath…We don’t put emphasis on it until it is our last one that is gifted to us, then I believe that there is an awareness of that life-source or consciousness, which we are part of.

The second thing I would like to bring awareness is the breath-ability of your body (See my blog Breathalyzer and Enlightenment). It is often thought that the enlightenment is a state of the mind. My perspective and reality as a yogini is that it is the state of the whole body-mind system. More you enable "prana" to breathe you, more you embody the light, the cosmic intelligence, the divine, whatever you call it in your system.

Recently, most of my close friends are speaking to about how they struggle to make changes in their life to create anew. I am in the middle of mine as well. Change is not always an easy one, especially when one is trying to shift the whole ground underneath, create an earthquake so the change can occur from the roots up. I recently speak about how to strategize the change on my Genco Coaching blog ( Here, I am going to speak about co-creating or enabling the change trough Prana since we are not only our mind, we have more complex system that includes physical body along with subtle bodies that enables the energetic changes through our emotions, beliefs, etc., both is needed.

So the one major thing to consider is your readiness for the change. It is often we feel frustrated that the change is not happening, yet on the other hand we have so many control mechanism that we don’t trust Prana to come and do its job. We block the energy and hold the breath. When you wish to make a change, ask yourself, if the change is at your door, (you have no idea what it is going to do but for sure it will create the new) will you open the door, will you allow it? Let me ask in the coaching language…How ready are you to embrace the change? (I often ask the % of readiness score to my clients). Once you assess that, then check in to see which part of your body is embracing the Prana and which parts are tight, not enabling breath to come through you. When you get to this level of awareness then you can invite those parts to dinner, walk, tea, whatever floats your boat to see what makes them scare of Prana! What fear system is running through you that is blocking the riverbeds of the Pranic force. Before you clear those out, you won’t get the change in the level you wish to have.

Let me give you a picture so you can see clearly the behavior. You invited a guest to your home, you are so anxious and longing to see. When they arrive, you are acting as if you don’t hear the door as you feel your home is not good enough, not ready, or some unnecessary thought like that. Or you peek out the door by crack opening and hoping that they didn’t see you while you impatiently sitting behind the door imagining how wonderful to spend time with them…Do you see the absurdity in the behavior? But we all do it. In fact, if you open the door, you know the guest will help you in every way and your guest is so powerful that they can even take the door down if they wanted to!!!

I will now leave you with that metaphor, along with my prayers…May the strength in your heart in all ways and always support you for overcoming debilitating, disabling beliefs. May you feel comfortable just following the clues and being OK with not knowing the whole picture of the change until you embody the whole of it. May you find bliss in changing and not knowing…


Further support: In the Yoga tradition, mantras often used as a sound therapy to attune and/or reenergize the specific area in the body. Ganesha mantra can be used for this purpose as you recognize breath-disabled areas. “om gan ganapataye namaha”…If you choose not to investigate what is the reason for the blockage rather you wish it to be opened up to Pranic force, use the mantra…


Picture credit: Melanie Weidner

White male perspective, aromatherapy and statistical analysis

Take the aromatherapy part out of the brochure he said, if I was the person who was interested in hiring you, I will look at the right side of the brochure, see all your credentials as a professional coach, be very impressed, and then look at the left side of the brochure and see you use aromatherapy in your life coaching then the whole thing will feel like a hoax and I will change my mind…I stood there frustrated as a person who is born and trained to break down the cultural dogmas, perspectives that are no longer serving the society. It felt like I had a huge tsunami wave in front of me.

I cannot understand the “white male” perspective any better than I already do. I am an Electronics Engineer, with training in advanced statistical and mathematical analysis so that I can provide factual information at the mastery level for process improvement! That is heck of a left brain usage!!! I coached “white male” executives for years…And, those many years, I struggled in the “white male” perspective driven, cold corporate cultures as a beautiful, emotional, intuitive women, trying to express that side of me with humongous control so that I won’t be shunned in my corporate tribe the “ugly duckling”…

Here it was the very same lesson of my life was standing before me once again. Alright I said, unwillingly, I will take that off, and will express to my clients verbally when there is an appropriate moment. On the other hand, I know that aromatherapy is not a hoax, rather a science that has been used for centuries. Impacts of the aroma on human psyche are already published. I didn’t come up with that. But as a woman, I am trained on them by birth, with my intuition…I wanted to shout that…I am a woman; I am bountiful, blissful ,intuitive, I am….

Even sadder that my mother agreed with him…She is also very intuitive and so scared of her that side, find a refuge in the factual world…Like my magnificent grandmother did and like many other women does. I saw many women in the corporate world for years, acting and looking like men. Isn’t it time to come out of the closet and be the intuitive Goddesses we are??? Despite the fact that credible universities such as Harvard and re-finding the truth and publishing for years, there is still a wound, a big wound around intuition and intuitive sciences as if one would be perceived like a witch and be burned!!! This is hurting both the male and female energies everywhere around the world. So today, my hope is to bring awareness into this cultural wound that needs to be heal, the cultural perspective needs to be modified and seasoned by all the other perspectives other than “pure white male” one.

With that, I would like to ask you in which contexts, from which you are hiding yourself and your truth? Where do you hide in the closet and feeling so fired up, frustrated and angry by hiding? Who can benefit from your gifts that they are experiencing the lack of due to your fears of being expelled?

So many of my friends send me their comments about my blog by email as they are afraid of showing their spiritual perspectives in Linked in or posting their comments on my blog site. Whose judgment are you afraid of? The worse judge of you is you. Do I even need to say that? It is almost eight months since I wrote my blog “Coming Out of the Closet”, I coached, inspired, mentored other coaches to do the same. It is now I my hope and prayer is to inspire you all, my lovely readers. We need each other to shift and heal the culture. I can take the lead and be the first “ugly duckling”. No worries. But I want to see the other swans along the side of me so we can form new, creative, intuitive, tribes with holistic perspectives…

May you find the courage to express your truth and inspire others to do so…



Round hole, square peg…

Giving children certain shaped objects and having them put into the appropriate space is a psychometric measurement tool to understand their mental and emotional development. Our current understanding of logic and culture suggests that you need to take the object and finds its exact match, not try to find something of a different shape and trying to make it fit to the space that is different than its shape. Therefore we consider children or adults who pick the round peg and fit it into the round whole are in their expected developmental stage.

That is all good. When we are tested in a test environment, most of us know how to do this. On the other hand, when in life, while the story is playing and emotions, cultural dogmas, and ego are the influencer of the choices, we forget what we need to do and keep trying to fit the square peg into the round hole and spend most of our life stressed, disappointed, angry and sad. What I am speaking about is our expectancy of people and according to our believe system how they need to behave and respond…How many of you are disappointed by your spouse’s response to your expectancy, whether it is remembering your birthday or taking the trash out; how many of you are saddened by your sibling’s behavior during a holiday; how many of you have strong wishes about how your parents need to behave or what your neighbor needs to do…These are all the same matching game and divine psychometric measurement of where you are in your spiritual development. No matter how much or how strongly you feel about fitting the square peg into an inappropriate place it won’t work. You will get very frustrated in the process and I think that also both the hole and the peg will be stressed out by your forceful behavior. Your choice as an emotionally, logically and spiritually developed adult is to find the harmonious matches.

Bringing things into the harmonious matching and flow is not an easy process, especially if you are living in close, opinionated cultural structures with a strong personality. First of all you will take everything personally. Your interpretation of square peg not fitting into the round whole would be “he/she doesn’t love me enough, I am not worthy, I am not good enough, etc.”…, and these beliefs will continue to be reinforced by the society so that you won’t be able to make the harmonious choice to free yourself and others from this stressful dynamic. Yes, of course people can change and make different choices but that has nothing to do how much they love you or your worth. It is about their spiritual development, journey and flow.

In coaching, we always and all ways bring coachee’s attention to self not the others. You are the one with the peg in your hand. You picked the peg, what are you going to do with it??? There is of course some intervention from the divine that is called faith. But how you respond to your life story with your will determines your destiny…If you want to exercise your spiritual muscles, this is one of the ultimate exercises as it involves all the emotions, your cultural heritage and your “nerves!”🙂

Today, I would like to bring awareness of this behavior’s presence and endless struggle in your lives. In which context you have this dance?; Who do you engage and constantly trying to fit to something else other than they are? Who do you share these thoughts and try to make the person who doesn’t fit wrong…

The big question is how one gets out of this. I recently developed a tool that I am using as I sense my own matching process. When I see my tendencies of incorrect matching, I am severing the strong need, the energy that is flowing towards that match. Then there is a space between me, the object and the energy. I sit on that space and breathe for the higher good and celebrate freedom of the object as well as my freedom from that stressful matching. Use what works for you.

May you find loving grace for you and others to let them free of your fitting process…



Justice and Judgment

Judgment is a very challenging and difficult concept to understand as you reach the higher levels in your spiritual development. In the lower levels awareness, we understand judgment to be the punishment that is executed for justice to take place the way we see it. These assessments often generates rage, grudge, anger, inequality and other unhealthy feelings…As you reach to the higher levels in the spiritual development, you seek to understand the justice and judgment in a way that brings people in harmony, peace and togetherness rather than feeling of being wronged, and feeling separate. I have been seeking knowledge and understanding of these two concepts in this way for two years now. Interestingly enough a book about Tarot that gave me the best understanding so far…

I am in Turkey at the moment, visiting my homeland by birth. Turkish culture tends to be very judgmental and critical like many other eastern cultures. May be not as strong and destructive as some other countries but still there is a strong dance with these two energies in Turkey. Due to tight family ties and close social circles everyone asks a lot of information about everyone else; they sit down and discuss, and present their judgmental assessments about the situation as if they are the expert in other people’s lives. Despite the fact that I grew up in this, I lost my immunity towards it due to my own spiritual development as well as my physical distance to the culture. I am finding this behavior now, very heavy to my heart, and difficult to engage in. After spending two days of listening conversations about people’s marriages and who needs to behave in what way for justice to be served, I decided to write about this concept.

Tarot card book defines Judgment as recognition of a moment when consciousness moves to a new level of awareness, and the impact of the resulting decision made by the soul through the time and space. So judgment is a tool to create a new level of understanding thought the 6th chakra where the eye of compassion is engaged. 6th
chakra represents our ability to have all encompassing vision.

Based on all my studies and experiences, I came to a new level of understanding of these two, that is when universal harmony is blocked or interrupted, judgment serves a purpose to restore it to its just, towards the balanced and harmonious position. However, the justice in this case is not always in a way that we understand it. Sometimes in the level of our awareness what is happening is interpreted as the unjust act yet over the grand scheme of things beyond our understanding some sort of a balance is being maintained or restored. Our purpose is to get to that understanding by engaging compassion and using judgment to discriminate as a tool. This is the very reason why most of the religious traditions will have the rule of "Thou shall not judge". Since it is not possible for us to do that with the level that we are.

What I wish to share today with this blog is to offer this awareness to you once again. Yes, we all know the rule "Thou shall not judge" but it doesn’t go far beyond being a well-known sentence. We also know the rule we are all one but how many of us truly can embody that knowledge…So in the level that we are, maybe we understand our shortcoming as a human beings at this stage in our spiritual development that we lack of understanding of the concepts of "judgment" and justice". All we can do is to use the judgment as a tool to deepen our understanding of the situation without offering our opinions about it to anyone. Rather go deep inside and see how and where we can touch the waters of compassion that will help bring harmony into the discorded situation.

Here is my prayer: May you find a way to ascend into the levels of compassion when the high tide of judgment is present. May you find harmony within to connect, strengthen and offer to the situations where you feel that are not "just". May you resort to inner work as you experience injustice around you to shift your level of awareness where the energies of universe are waiting to meet you and take you to your next level.



Responsibility, self-trust, leadership, and back-seat driver

She said I don’t know why but I am resistant to take the ownership. I remember doing that since I was a little girl. And then she asked why that is? She was wondering if that has anything to do with the lack of self-confidence…

I said seems easier to be the back-seat driver. However that comes with lots of frustrations for the one who is trying to direct the direction of the car from the back seat as well as the one who asked to sit at the driver’s seat with no authority… No one can win at this situation. It is OK to suggest a direction every once in a while, and state in the beginning where you wish to go at what speed. However if you sit in the back and offer all your power to the one who you ask to take the lead on, then you need to submit to the direction, the speed and the destination that person will take you to…

I call this a toggle-war syndrome. It almost in a way that the back-seat drivers have no ability to trust that they can get what they want. They also don’t believe that they are capable of giving it to themselves. Therefore they ask someone to provide it for them yet due to lack of trust and wanting to control the situation they suffocate themselves, and the ones who are supposed to provide for them whatever it is they want to get. On the other hand, the fact of the matter is, if the back-seat driver takes a moment and ask themselves would there be any moment in time that I will be pleased in the way I have been lead to, I am guessing the answer would be “no”. Because it really doesn’t matter who is driving them, to where to, in what way, they would be unhappy as the real core issue is not about the destination is about not taking ownership of their life.

So then how one can get off the back-seat and release being the back-seat driver? This requires a lot of courage in some cases, especially when the person has been in this dynamic for most of their life and carrying lessons around managing their power. They often tend to hand their power to someone else to manage, and then sit in frustration and anger. One power-full way to get out of this exhausting and unhealthy dynamic is self-love. When one believes that they are worthy of getting what they want or need, then trust starts to build. You can test this in your system to understand your own patterns. Since I am a yogini and I have tremendous respect to body’s own intelligence, I will teach you a method to check in through your own body. Make an affirmation such as “I believe that I can get what I want”, or “I believe that I am worth of receiving what I want”. Then notice your body’s response. It will share with you if it believes to what you are saying or not. I often get “eeeyyk” kind of an automatic “jerk” reaction when I use an affirmation that doesn’t agree with my existing belief system. Notice where you hold the tension, where are the unbreathable places in your body. Then use affirmations that are softer until you find one that your system finds OK such as “I am willing to believe that I can get what I want” or even softer “I am willing to consider to believe that I can get what I want”…Use this system daily along the side of behavioral change until you come to a place of no resistance and complete trust.

I would also like to share that from my experience with myself and with my clients that the trust issues can take a long time to heal. So you need to be carrying high levels of integrity towards yourself and keep your promises, speak your truth and not hand your power away for this to heal during this time of recovery. This pattern comes from a misuse of power across the time and space…Whether in this life or, if you believe in reincarnation, from another life. In the end, it really doesn’t matter where it has started, you can heal and integrate your soul across time and space. I will also suggest that during this recovery period, you also start taking ownership in your own life, even if it means as simple as to pick the restaurant when you are going out. You can slowly build on your power and get used to managing it appropriately.

Here comes the prayer: May you find courage to look at your own grace; notice, acknowledge and accept how power-full, wonder-full, an amazing you are. May you find the compassion within to free yourself and the people who are sitting at your driver seat from the endless, frustrating toggle-war. May you generate self-love that enables you to take your power from the people you handed to manage it for you.





I noticed the knot in my stomach area, in the center of self-power as I was breathing with the awareness. I realized that how much of my power I give away by trying to control other people’s emotions. This is something most of the empathetic, sensitive people do or learned to do at early ages in order to ensure there is a peace and harmony in our environment so that we feel safe, comfortable and at peace. However, I have never realized how much of this behavior has been creating impediments within the management of my own power. At that very moment, it became crystal clear to me that we, the sensitive people, send big chunk of our power over the people who are experiencing some sort of discomfort to make them feel better, happy or comfortable. However, the power we send is not usable by them, and rather it diminishes our own energy levels and goes against ourselves by chocking our own self-power management center, the 3rd chakra. We are not aware of this, nor the impact of it, while feeling exhausted, nervous, anxious and power-less until we take a moment to realize what we do, such as in my case…

I also noticed that our power, and energy hovering over the other persons suffocates them and disables their ability to freely feel what they chose to feel in order to continue with their growth…I remember my cousin being extremely loving, with the tears in his eyes, looking at me during the time when I lost my dad, and saying to me "I am trying to make everyone happy". I thought of saying to him, darling this is an exhausting act and "mission impossible". Having to know that I tried that most of my young and adult life…And forcing me to be happy during the time that requires growth through experiencing grief and sadness is not good for me, also it goes against my truth. I kept quiet at that time but expressing this now to everyone who is reading it…

How does then one change this behavior towards self-empowerment? What I else I realized at the moment of clear awareness is that one way to do this is to you call your power back (see Strategy Execution and Focus Blog). I used the same prayer and said, "I call my power back from the people and places I should not have invested my power". I affirmed myself to use my power only to empower myself and not to send out to control anyone’s feelings or emotions even if that means I predict a possible conflict in between my loved ones. Sending my power to hover over them or the situation is a helpless, dysfunctional and dis-able-ing act. They need to be able to express themselves freely and exchange the energy that allows their growth. We can exert our opinion with love or better yet imagine this exchange to be harmonious, loving and the one that will serve the highest and best for everyone involved. That’s all about it. And to know that sending our power away diminishes our ability to channel the grace and be the transponder of love and kindness silently for this scenario. So for you to call your power back into you and use yourself as an antenna that broadcasts harmony from the divinity or your own goodness will serve the situation in a much better way while keeping you in your own grace and power.

I admit that I am still working to resolve the knot in my stomach. After all God only knows for how many years, where, and over how many people I have sent it to in order to provide peace, love, kindness and harmony…I know that this will be a gradual healing. And in order for us to heal across the cultures, time and space, we all need to call our power back to where it belongs…Hence, this blog for the awareness of it for today…

Whose behavior makes you uncomfortable and out of control? Notice it, whether it is the president of a country, your aunt, your spouse, your boss, your children the person cuts in front of you or whoever it might be. How are you trying to change or control their behavior? Once you are able to step out of it into the level of awareness, and then breathe into your own body, you will get much clarity on what this is doing for you. Then the healing will start…With the generated awareness, over the time you will be able to course correct, shift your behavior, maintain your power and with that power be able to generate self-compassion to heal your own heart.

May you are able to stay strong in the moments of discomfort to enable and empower yourself and others towards the healing to take place…

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Compassion, Fiery Dragon, and Thorn

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Once upon a time there was a fiery dragon with a thorn on his heart. The thorn was hurting so much that he wouldn’t let anyone near him. When anyone attempted to come nearby, the dragon will breathe out fire and the people would be afraid to come near him and think that the dragon was a nasty being. The dragon felt lonely, not understood, not cared for or loved, continue to pity himself with his wound. At the end, the dragon died lonely and everyone thought that he was a nasty being and he died lonely because of that. No one will ever know that he had a thorn that was hurting him so much…

We all have this story. We all have the thorn and the fire breath. We all have a hurting dragon within. So how do you let people come and help you to get the thorn out? Or how do you as a person, who is trying to come closer, help the fiery dragon with the thorn? Each act requires a deep compassion and courage in order to pass the fear bridge with the desire to understand the each other’s story. From the perspective of the one who is trying to come close, if you have no idea about the thorn, all you see as a fiery dragon that is hurtful….If you as a dragon, don’t take a moment to connect with the pain with the thorn, all you express is your pain in the form of burning and hurtful fire. On this state of disconnectedness you cannot explain the others of your hurt, rather continue to hurt them with your burning fire and keep them at a distance.

This is a story being told and experienced for centuries. We all have the thorn and the persons we keep at a distance with our burning fire. Isn’t it time to get down and dirty with these thorns so that we can put our fire for a good use and not burn anyone else? Isn’t that time to not to be judgmental of each other when we have no idea about what thorns the dragons are carrying? How do we get pass this huge wound that is connecting us through our hurts but not through our love?

I did Tibetan Chud practice (Chud practice is used in Tibet to heal emotional wounds) this afternoon and dedicated to all that is hurting and feeling hurt by others. What I saw was a big black thorn that was hollow inside and that hole was filled with sorrow. That sorrow was the layer underneath of the anger that was sitting on the hot and heated prickly thorns. What it needed to heal was pure love. So I offered pure love as it was intended by the divine. The color of that love was vibrant fuchsia pink. The wound I observed needed apricot paste kind of nectar to heal…

After the session, I looked up the ancient, medicinal uses of apricot. Interestingly enough I found that the apricots were used for treatment of cancer and skin wounds…Both are very telling in this story. I don’t know what your wound needs to heal, nor the persons you are in tug of war war with in similar scenarios of seeking love…What I am offering here is an example and awareness for your ability to tame and heal your dragon…

May you find courage to be still when the thorn is hurting before you breathe the fire out to burn others and yourself as a result of your hurt…May you are able to connect to divine fuchsia love that fulfils the hollow space inside your thorn. May you are able to use the fire breath of your dragon in the forms of creativity through healing your thorn instead of burning others with your pain. May you are able to say goodbye to your thorn, heal your wounds and wounds of others…


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Breathalyzer and Enlightenment

Breathalyzer is a term that I used for analyzing the breath to understand consumption of substance intake. The substance that is being checked during this process is often alcohol or drug that is altering the breath’s ability to move through the body and do its function as divine intended. My suggested usage, as a coach and a yogini is to analyze the influence that is created on the breath by the subconscious thoughts and fear, and understand the impact on the body.

I have spoken about this before that the cultural and social conditioning, through thought patterns we subscribed to, and fear has major influence in our body’s ability to breathe. As a yogini I observe this in my body daily. The minute I come across an awareness of fear directed flow in my body, I can see that the heart closes, and certain areas in the body responds in the same way of shutting down and not allowing the breath to go through. The concept of enlightenment is often understood as the light comes outside in, and the new age behavior for capturing this light from outside is doing some physical yoga activities, using candles, reading bunch of spiritual content, etc. I am all for that, except the fact that the light that is sought is nowhere else other than one’s very own body. It is waiting for us to enable through our breath by releasing ourselves from the constricting thoughts, constipating emotions and disabling fears. So the way I use the word of enlightenment is in-lightenment…

Today, I am writing to create awareness on these two major concepts. One of them is to have you to understand your journey and your seeking of light. Where do you look for light? What do you think is going to in-power you so that you can in-lighten? And the second one is; which areas in your body still breath-disabled? Those areas are your guide, as the Tibetan wisdom names it, your demons to help you uncover the light.

Most of my students like me to provide example so that they understand and learn the concept better. So here is an example. I am working through fears around abundance and scarcity. As soon as I get a trigger- if you are not as present in the moment, you may get lost in the anger, fear and get near sided about the story is taking place. Our real-life experiences are scenarios that set for us to grow from, not to crate drama for usJ -I then stay present and focused to understand where I am blocking the flow of breath. Then I start to encourage the breath to flow through there. –This requires gentleness and compassion.- During this process, you will get some memories of the past activated and you will hear the experience replaying in the back of your mind, or see the images, etc. That is where the major injury in the psyche occurred. That is your opportunity to visit that moment, forgive, heal, release and come back. I call this process, travelling across time and space. If the trauma is strong, you might need a coach to guide you through it. And you need to be very patient with yourself and your body as it might take months before breath to go through the place of physical or emotional injury. (Sometimes, what we experience in our body as a blockage can be a cultural wound or a family legacy that might not even belong to your experiences but you might have been the signed up for the team to resolve that for collective consciousness…)

Here comes the prayer: May you are able to create a breath-map of your body to get intimate with how breath breathes you….May you fall in love with the uncovering process of love within you. May your process of being in-powered and in-lightened be filled with joy, compassion, curiosity, delight and fun. May you in-courage and lead others in their journey to in-lightenment.


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